What distinguishes good from bad hotel

The farther away from Moscow, the more often come across the hotel with an empty mini bar in the room. That is, the owners of these hotels have heard that it should be in the room mini-bar, but do not understand why he needed there. Often minibar - a full-size refrigerator, which is not even plugged in. Really hard to put back at least vodichku?
Dear hotel owners worldwide when checking a person take a pledge of cash or credit card, so that he could spend it on your mini-bar. Mini-bar - this is an additional source of income for you, because the prices there you can put both in the restaurant. A discharge, you can always check the number and retain part of the deposit if the guest encroach on the contents of the minibar.
Another observation: if the owners failed to hide the mini-bar in the closet, then 90% of the cabinet door will be opened to one side, and the refrigerator door to another. At the same time, is found inside the hollow ringing, despite the announcement that the contents of the minibar to be paid separately:

If the toilet or sink is a plate "disinfected" means the owner of the hotel was back in the Soviet past, when cleanliness and order were separate option. All toilets should be clean by default! It's so elementary rule that does not even require discussion. If you are trying to basic condition vtyuhat under the guise of special concern, it is alarming:

The first place we used to go after the settlement - shower and toilet. The number of towels and size clearly show the attitude of the hotel owners to his client. A good host puts some towels: one leg (put it on the floor instead of carpet), two for the body (large and small), even for a couple of tiny hands and just in case. And in the room should always be two sets of towels, regardless of whether the one you live in it or together.
In bad accommodation number of towels is reduced to two, their reduced size and thickness. Towels are faded-perestirannymi. In very bad hotel towels not put white and dark blue or some other "non-white" color. Guess why?

Another observation. Sometimes, even in good hotels, towels lay on the bed instead of putting them in the bathroom. Not foreseeing the trick, you climb into the shower and then forced to swear and slap naked and wet on the number in search of towels. All towels must lie in the bathroom!

As towels, underwear - it's something that you just touch his naked body. Sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers must be of high quality materials, as well as a pillow and blanket. Pads must be of different sizes and several alternatives elasticity. In a good hotel linens in any case should not be "non-white" color. Any patterns and designs - a sure sign of lousy hotel:

Outlet - this is such a thing did not seem to notice. Do not even think about it. But if there is no outlet, life becomes unbearable. Especially if you have in your luggage dozen gadgets that require recharging. Often in our hotels is difficult to find an outlet. They are either busy TV and minibar, or are somewhere behind the nightstand, or - which happens more often - both at the same time. Comes with a threshold deploy search activities, moving tables and arrange alterations rooms. Did not understand that in our technological age a person needs at least two outlets - for computer and phone:

A good host puts in the locker disposable slippers. And not just transparent thin slippers, more like boots, and thick-soled sneakers. Economy host honestly do not put anything. Cunning master puts reusable rubber shoes:

When all night in the next room ignites team any expedition, no ear plugs will not help if the construction of the hotel owner did not take care of soundproofing. Even worse, when in the next room someone hurts girl, and you have almost 2 months on the road, away from the family:

Amenities (Toilet)
Bathrooms hotels you can find a variety of combinations of free shampoos, combs and cotton swabs. In bad shampoo bookings will not even in the bottle, but in a bag or on a wall in a large dispenser. In good hotels all cosmetics company will be L'Occitane. In non-Hermes:

This item would be desirable to consider pointless, as a certain trend. What do the main task of the hotel? To a person on a business trip or journey was convenient, comfortable and cozy. It is enough to observe the simple conditions: cleanliness, comfort and convenience. But many provincial hotels are trying to replace it Ponti, which is why there are showers with hydro and other "luxury". Moreover, this cabin is sure to be out of cheap plastic. It will definitely be a leak. Hot water will be supplied from a special tank after half an hour of heating.
Curtains with blackout
In addition to the usual good hotel tulle and zanovesok will also thick curtains that will not wake up with the first rays of the sun. Especially important in the first day of the trip, if you change time zones, and the meeting you assigned only for the evening.
Air conditioner
I lived once in Morocco at the hotel in the desert, where there was no air conditioning, but the street was 38 during the day and 30 at night ...
The opportunity to lift the window for ventilation
Often ventilation in the room is switched on only after you insert the card into the card slot. If to you in the room no one lived a couple of days, or a previous guest spilled oil on the carpet, opening a jar of cod liver, the air can be a very unpleasant taste and smell. In such cases, even the air conditioner will not save you.
Turning off the light switch from one
Once in a very nice hotel, where everything is controlled with a huge touch panel, I tried to turn off all the lights in the room before going to bed. As a result, a couple of bulbs and failed to repay. I had to cover them with towels to shine in your eyes. Very handy when next to the bed there is a switch that simultaneously cuts down all the lights in the room.
Blanket tucked under the mattress
Well, my personal hell. First of all, going into a room, check the blanket. If charged, then all the power to throw it to prepare the bed in the evening and only then begin to dismantle the suitcase.
Most importantly, in my opinion, indicators of quality hotels. I suggest you expand this list his observations.


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