There is little strasti.Nezhnost and simplicity. Affects the right side, and the quality of simplicity pechen.Vosstanavlivaet affects liver function, but you have to eat in the afternoon, 2-3 hours after lunch and do not mix with other produktami.Imeet lot of prana. In general, the more watery structure in the product, the more it prana - the cells are filled with water. Prahnah is water. Melon increases prana in the body, and everything starts to move: reduced gut, kidneys shrink, all the excess from the body takes off. But too much can damage the melon - fly and what you need. :)
Increases vitality and optimism. Children love raspberries. Song about love usually contain the word "raspberries". :) Does the right side: activates the treatment of chronic processes. Normalizes the activity of the stomach (and fennel, and licorice). The best way of preparation - drying. Frozen berries on the body will not heal, but dried - will affect the whole body. You can dry in the oven on low heat, can be in the sun - the main thing that has dried.
Has enormous power of attraction, is considered the king of fruits. Effect on hormonal functions, and acts on all sides (left, right and center). However, the mango is useful only in the mature form, in large part for his tear immature eksporta.Semya mango (has astringent and bitter taste) gives 100% protection from viral hepatitis. The root of the mango completely destroys the hepatitis B virus. Mango generally treats liver and nervous system.


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