What is already printed the 3D-printer

Even 10 years ago, scientists have started talking seriously about the possibility of creating three-dimensional things with drawings. Now it is already a reality. Soon we will have printed products and operate with the help of printed very cheaply (as long as it is expensive, and mass production is not particularly cost-effective). In the meantime, see what items are created using the printer. Everything. We caught up with the reality of plastic!

Haute couture dresses

Works of art and different figures

Footwear made of rubber, plastic, nylon, PVC


Plastic ornaments for theater, role-playing games, cosplay

Ceramic tableware

Bricks for kids

Rubber Accessories

Decoration of the pieces of cellulose

Nylon bracelet

Medicine in general is actively using new technology. The exact calculation and produce ... with a printer for the exact size of the prosthesis is very simple. In any case, it is more advantageous from all points of view, than to order silicone prosthesis in the factories.

Living cells of embryos. These are real cells that can reproduce all the living cell are identical. Soon people will be cloned using the printer. Fun ...

Leather prosthetic

The prosthetic foot for a sick duck ducks

The prosthetic ear

The fact that things printed on the printer, not only for entertainment, confirms the heavy industries, general industrial sphere. Details are so high quality that they are used to create the exact mechanism of serious productions.

Spare parts for various needs

Weapons. All items are printed separately. Material - metal

Certified spare parts for military aircraft


The body of musical instruments

Helmet biker

Cheholchik for iPhone

Well, finally - the food. They say that the way that the most expensive and unprofitable (yet!) Production. But the food is almost delicious. But something was not right. Apparently, the plastic reality is not going to win the real world.

Chocolate desserts

Figures from spinach puree


Well, what do you say? Whether you like our "Brave New World"?


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