MYTH: "My ancestors ate meat for centuries

Reality: Scientists and naturalists, including Charles Darwin, who put forward the hypothesis of evolution agree that the ancient people were vegetarians (eat fruits, vegetables and nuts). Throughout human history our anatomy has not changed. Swedish scientist von Linnaeus noted that "internal and external structure of the human body in comparison with other animals shows that fruit and succulent vegetables are the natural food of man."
Will not touch our very distant ancestors, but let's see what was the basis of the power of our grandmothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, grandgrand ... Maybe to be healthy, strong and give birth to 10 children every day they ate meat?
The weak man in Russia has always said: "Not only ate porridge" !, and condemn the guilty: «C you will not weld porridge."
Cereals were the most simple, hearty and affordable food. This is confirmed by such sayings as:
"Soup and porridge - our food."
"Bread - a head."
"Good porridge, but small cup."
"Russian guy without porridge can not feed."
"Buckwheat - our mother, and rye hlebushek - our dear father."
"Bread and water - peasant food."
"The bread on the table - the table and the throne, and bread or a piece - and a table board."
"Hood lunch, if there is no bread."
"God is on the wall, the bread on the table."
"No matter how you think, and the best bread and salt than you can imagine."
"For all the good bread."
"I have a clean bread, kvass sour, sharp knife, cut off smoothly, eat sweet."
"A thick porridge families do not disperse."
"As long as there is bread and water, all it does not matter."
"Bread - father, mother thicker than water."
"Before eating simply, yes lived a hundred years."
"Where feasts there and infirmity."
Thus, the basis of the diet of our ancestors was without yeast bread !!! wholemeal !!!, various cereals from whole grains, which are not cooked long and steamed in the oven, so that it becomes soft (it is on the way cereals grew epic hero), vegetables, fruits (apples and sauerkraut been translated throughout the winter) , mushrooms, berries, nuts, brew, jelly (cooked oatmeal), legumes - peas (he was with us from ancient times), a lot of greens (we forgot what a young nettle soup, and it turns out that there are many iron), including and wild herbs.
The meat was a rarity! Basically, all comply with Christian positions - four long period of fasting and lean mode on Wednesdays and Fridays lead to the fact that the total number of meatless days a year exceeds 220!
God bless you!


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