In life there are moments .....

In life there are moments when you like going to the desert.
No more desires, everything becomes strange and colorless. The most difficult thing - it does not feel more love, desire, faith. It's much harder than losing money, sick, test failure. Since this can happen to anyone, you should know how to counter it.
Even among the "desert" you have to find the strength to turn to God: "Lord, I am in your hands. You have my way, there is water in the desert or not, I'm going through it, I have served you. I love you, Lord, help me. " You should not lose your faith and your love.
Keep going with even greater zeal and increased faith. This is your only salvation. Do not succumb to boredom and discouragement. Make every effort to continue the path, and you are sure to find food and water and a bit: even in the desert there are oases. Go as long until you open yourself to this oasis to find water there. This will allow you to continue your way. Water within us - this is our humility, our love.

Mother Teresa


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