Hell with his own hands. They deserve as they live ...

Live abroad. At once, my husband and I came to visit my mother in Ukraine. I gathered close relatives on a picnic with barbecue. Decided to go to a place that is close to my mother's house - a beautiful valley with a lake, a small fishing line. All his childhood and youth I loved to walk there among the herbs and wildflowers, swim in the lake.
Came to the place. Field of grass turned into a hard high weeds, many places are burned or thrown plastic waste. I was so disappointed! We hardly have found a more or less pure meadow by the lake, removed trash and cigarette butts, so you can sit down, lit a fire in the grill. Kebab turned out delicious, but my favorite view of the valley depresses me - everything is dirty, miserable ... Lake - and then dimmed and dried. Go to him, I did not dare swim.
From the beginning I ordered a native not throw trash in the grass and bushes, and collected in a special package. She checked that after we have nothing left. So very sorry I was clearing. And I resented loudly as possible so zasrat place themselves and rest. At the exit of the valley a hundred meters there trash cans - is it so difficult to bring back?
When we were about to leave, I discovered that the bag of garbage, no one in the hands of none. I began to ask who he was. And my mom waved me - they say, we have already thrown out ... I was taken aback: "How thrown where?" - "There, in the reeds. What we most extreme? All it down! "I very much to keep from swearing. Take the trash out was impossible - he got stuck in the reeds over a cliff.
I realized a great truth: they deserve as they live. They deserve the cracked asphalt, lamps without bulbs, dirty streets, smelly rivers, criminal government, poverty wages and pensions. They themselves do not care about myself, so why would not the government do not care about them? They do not respect themselves - who will respect them in return?
It is not the government litter the streets and smashing playgrounds. This is not the president steals bulbs and wires. I no longer believe your complaints. Countrymen, you yourself have created hell, and you live in it.



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