Journal AB Chubais. On the question of staging

As you know, the party accused claims that the attack was staged - whether the intelligence services, whether by myself.
Apparently, in order to discredit an honest patriot Kvachkova. I will not comment on this nonsense.
Just show pictures of the machine, in which we were traveling. I think that everything will be obvious without further ado.

Bullet proof glass with three tracks from bullets and shrapnel

The traces of shrapnel and gunfire on the hood (probably intended for the driver - to immobilize the car).

Traces of bullets on the front right door

Armored rear window snapped

According to experts, to inspect the damage and an autopsy of the body, the rear window is not in the photo snapped by deformation of the body, and from getting inside the bullet passed through from the door pillar between the roof and the armor plate. But the inlet of this bullet.

You can see that machine gun shots were fired at the edge of the door and the front - this is how the professionals know, the weakest point in the armored vehicle capsule.


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