25 cases that it is not necessary to follow through

01. not to bring water for tea to boil. The process of boiling harms not only perturbed mind. Ideal for tea is considered not seething and raging water, and the previous stage of its boiling when the water is only just beginning to simmer gently key. The steep boiling water degrades the taste of black varieties, and for green and white and does contraindicated.

02. not made the bed. And it's not that night it would still have to spread. Just a caress plush plaid mites that cause allergies and asthma, reproduce much more active. But ventilated media are damaging the health of these small creatures. Not for nothing are you as a child so reluctantly cleaned the bed!

03. Do not buttoning a leather jacket. This garment is designed to walk down the street, displaying his impeccable musical taste, which is reported in letters of blood on your black-black T-shirt with skulls.

04. Do not leave the last of the guests. So what, that until Friday you completely free? Leaving welcoming home in the early morning, when the sun gild the tops of the trees, is permissible only if you stayed for the mistress, afraid to sleep alone.

05. Do not drink up the wine glasses. Guide etiquette says that you should never drain a glass to the bottom, because have to throw back his head and moving his Adam's apple ugly. But in fact it is not a crime, and you can drink up. Only in one case to stop. If there was a change of drinks and a waiter, for example, began pouring red wine, forget about white, no matter how it was in the glass.

06. Do not run to the place of work. Park your little further than usual and pass the remaining distance on foot with the help of the amazing adaptations to push the pedals, you donated evolution. You not only save time, which would be spent, circling around the office and searching for space in the third row, but also to make a no exercise.

07. Do not buttoning the bottom button of his jacket. Cardigan coat is usually too concerned. By the way, manufacturers of clothes is high time to meet mankind and begin to sew up the bottom loop for buttons that we wish even if they could not fasten it.

08. Do not spend the whole holiday in the resort. The work should be included gradually in the cold Woman ... ugh, that is in the water. Do not hang around the sea, until recently. Between the arrival in the lethargic embrace of the motherland and going to work must be a gap of at least two days to give your body a sad sigh and tune in to the routine.

09. Do not fill the hard drive to the limit. Bloated, stuffed to the eyeballs hard drive slows down the entire system. For the smooth operation of the paging file on your local disk with the operating system should be at least 500 megabytes of free space. Take away the excess without pity. Anyway, by the time you gather to review the second time that one of its film library, any movie is already possible to download directly to the brain through the service GoogleBrainMovie.

10. Do not shave cleaned hair under the armpits and pubic. Take away the scissors excessive tillering to small animals can not hide in your bush - and that's enough. This will add you brutality more than the vain desire to be like pornoaktera.

11. Do not cut your toenails at the root. Due to the fact that the tips of the fingers constantly abut against the inside of the shoe (or hard, weekly use of socks), you risk to get ingrown toenails. Meanwhile, this scourge is easily avoided by shearing post bezel width of at least two millimeters.

12. Do not install the entire program. Every second program written greedy programmers who thrashes whip more greedy manager. And so, together with tiny simple program for video editing with the kittens are one hundred and beautiful, but the brake and unnecessary plug-ins, two Trojan for the browser search bar (which finds nothing), and voice pneumomail of Mail.ru. As a rule, the installer offers three options: "full installation", "selective" and "minimum". Use only the last two.

13. Do not drink up all cleaned. How often woke up in the afternoon, you thought that the last five bottles were clearly superfluous? The whole experience of mankind shows that even if you leave the company, which is unable to stop, under the pretext of the most unsavory, then the next day about it no one will remember. It comes and reasonable people. And reasonable people call her yesterday and drinking buddies, quite chuckling mockingly asked, "Well, how are you?┬╗

14. Do not rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth too carefully. Just splyun toothpaste. Otherwise, why are you so carefully rubbed it their incisors and molars? Do not forget: brushing your teeth - it's also prevention. Give time, the gums absorb essential oils, extracts of tarragon, enzymes violets, slices of oak and the rest of the list of ingredients on the package.

15. Do not unbend completely hands and feet during strength exercises. If you work with dumbbells or doing leg presses, do not straighten the top point of the exercise until the end of the limb. Joints do not like. Do you want to be in old age because of arthritis you have been severely limited in the choice of poses for sex ?!

16. Do not spend all the money on the card. You think you are in terms with the world, but then you have to write off backdated two hundred and fifty rubles the commission, and then take a hundred rubles per SMS-notifications, you go in the negative, start to drip fine ... But what a pitiful five hundred rubles could save the giant thought!

17. Do not open neraskolotye pistachios. Life is too short for that! Do not be petty. Although, if you dream of seeing your dentist on the cover of Forbes, we will not stop you.

18. Do not eat up the soup. As for the soup all the books of etiquette unanimously categorical: the bottom plate, which carries with your table waiter, should stay a little cover. And it is not accompanied her so hungry eyes!

19. Do not fully satisfy hunger. Take the example of the centenarians of Okinawa, who are guided by the principle of "Get up from the table, when you feel that ate eight-tenths." In the original, it sounds much shorter, "Hari hachi bu." In the words of the doctor from the movie "The formula of a Geisha," "who eat little, live a long time, for a stick and stick swarm we currently grave┬╗.

20. Do not pay immediately fully operational. Guess how the child goes, if you leave it for lunch box of chocolates and a plate of barley with a note: "Please eat porridge and then a sweet?" This is roughly the way it is with the workers. Nothing reduces the rate of repair as a wholly-owned prepayment. Any self-respecting tiler (parquet floor, plasterer, dzhakuzchik), received the money, immediately leave your apartment smelled peeled wallpaper and under the pretext that his grandmother gives birth, flee started to finish where he still have something.

21. Do not line the walls. Kohl Speaking of repairs, there's something else. There's no point in doing a perfect (geometric) alignment. The workers and foremen, of course, will emphasize the fact that, well, it will be beautiful, and furniture, and easier to install. But who are you better believe - us or them? In fact, minor irregularities can hide just furniture. It is therefore sufficient to make visual (partial) alignment. And it is much, much, much cheaper.

22. not to bring the sporting education of the child to the maximum. If the coach calls your second son Garry Kasparov, better take him out of the hockey section. Do not deprive the child's childhood, just because you see an heir sports stars, which did not become himself. These makings of a champion can be seen almost immediately. Do not hope for a sudden qualitative leap. Your school fizruk also once tried to please his father.

23. Do not wind the watch until it stops. Wheel of mechanical watches is to tighten up just as long until you feel a slight resistance. The following turnovers already insignificant, they do not make a special weather. And I must say that, if abused replant in the everyday operation, one spring can not survive. And then you will have nothing to keep the average child in the inheritance (because the elder had promised mill, and the youngest - a cat).

24. Never fill the beer into a glass to the brim. Even if the foam miraculously not spill over the top, all the beauty of your sweeping gesture will be followed by an awkward scene blurred when, fearing to spill the beer, you nagneshsya to the very table to sip too much.

25. Do not was finishing cigars and cigarettes to the end. The closer to the filter, the more harmful tar and nicotine. And cigars to the same in the last centimeters begins to deteriorate the taste. Even spoil their health to the mind. So you can spoil it for much longer!

Three cases in which it is necessary to put an end

Repair. Just yesterday you stumbled over a bundle baseboards in the hallway, and today is an afterthought through them cross. Therein lies the danger of repair: it is very easy becomes a permanent stage.

Debts. The money should be taken seriously, even if they are strangers.

Treatment. Even if qualified doctor makes you suspicious, because he did not watch a single series "House," better to listen to it, play it safe and to lie a couple of days than the heroics of his superiors and risk complications.

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