Installation of scientific equipment in the barn

On the morning of March 10, 2010 near the dairy farm "Kochergina", located in the village of Kochergina Dmitrov District, Moscow Region,
inconspicuous stopped the truck and several cars accompanied him. Left out of them serious terse people opened
truck and started to put them in the barn boxes with complex electronic equipment, platform installation, electrical cables,
Extension of, computer equipment and other special equipment. The work was in full swing until late at night: six modern widescreen televisions
securely fastened above the stalls, top stretched wire connecting pile of cables, set up the webcam and connect them to the Internet.
Finally, the screen will broadcast the green meadows of the speakers poured light classical music, and the control group of cows mooing issued a complete delight.

Thus, in an atmosphere of high secrecy passed the final stage of the preparatory work of one of the most courageous and high-tech experiments in the history of domestic agriculture, which aims - to find out what impact realistic television broadcasts alpine meadows have on the milk yield of cows near Moscow, bored in the stalls and dreaming of lush green grass and the gentle summer sun. And that's how it was:


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