Live independently: how to provide all that is needed for Autonomous living in the house

Some owners of cottages and houses face the problem of high-grade construction of housing. To create the most comfortable conditions, it is necessary to take care of the water supply, the organization of a sewage system, heating and water purification. And each area of home improvement should be paid special attention.

Twenty four million fifty thousand six hundred fifty eight

Water and wastewater managementThe water supply system of a cottage or private house, not connected to the main water pipe, involves the drilling of a well. Such a solution becomes optimal, and sometimes the only possible one.

First you need to determine the type of well that will depend on water quality and requirements. Sandy is able to meet needs, but low or average, as uninterrupted supply is not provided, and the characteristics are not the highest. To supply a large cottage or country house it is necessary to equip an artesian well, high filtration and better water quality.

If the type is well defined, you can proceed to its arrangement. For organization uses modern equipment that allows to quickly and efficiently open as sand and limestone aquifer. To the arrangement should be treated responsibly and seriously, considering the important factors:

  • the terrain,
  • necessary depth,
  • the final volume,
  • dynamic water level and other.
DrillingDrilling consists of several stages, such as:

organization of sump, preparation obsadnyh pipes, preparation for opening the aquifer (this includes the dip of the drilling equipment in the sump), direct drilling, extraction, drilling rig, casing. It takes about two to five days, depending on the type of well and its depth.

Ninety two million one hundred thirty eight thousand one hundred ninety six

Uninterrupted water supply with a pump and placed in a sealed caisson automatic equipment will make the operation more comfortable and will allow you to take full control of the water system. And to improve the quality of water and make it potable, take care of the cleaning. After the obligatory detailed analysis developing the scheme of the water treatment system, and by selecting the right equipment based on the characteristics of water. High quality and good treatment allows you to remove small particles, to soften the water and remove iron, manganese and other elements, whose number exceeds the allowable.

HeatingTo make the house warm, comfortable and suitable for year-round use will enable high-quality and well-organized heating system. It includes installation of heating equipment, and also wiring of internal elements of tubes and radiators. The system can be diesel, gas, solid fuel or electric boiler.

Selection and installation of equipment should be carried out taking into account the technical characteristics of housing, and it will allow you to create the most comfortable conditions, to ensure safety of operation and to optimize energy consumption. That is why the organization of heating involves several steps:

  • analysis of the characteristics of the building,
  • creation of detailed design,
  • budgeting,
  • installation and internal wiring,
  • commissioning work.
In addition, the heating system needs constant maintenance to eliminate problems and maintain optimal predetermined parameters.

Organization sanitationIn the comfort of a full house must contain a bathroom and a bathroom, and in the process of operation of the premises inevitably produces waste products that it should promptly withdraw from the house. Ensure their elimination equipped with a Sewerage system.

The complex organization of Autonomous Sewerage system should include the selection of suitable treatment units and their installation, installation of outdoor equipment, and installation of diversion of treated effluents. And if at least one stage is a mistake, it will cause problems in the functioning of the entire system, which in turn will trigger a series of problems, such as blockages, stagnant water and unpleasant smell.

Thirty five million nine hundred sixty three thousand seven hundred ninety eight

Maintenance of all Autonomous systemsIt is not enough to organize a system of water, heating, cleaning and sanitation. To work properly and smoothly, should ensure continuous comprehensive care that includes regular check-UPS with the aim of identifying failures, as well as timely and proper elimination of all problems. Only in this way can avoid unexpected breakdowns, additional costs and premature wear. In addition, the service will allow to maintain a constant comfortable level of accommodation and make construction easy and enjoyable.  published  


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