The Yamal Peninsula

So, the Yamal Peninsula, the endless snow desert border zone,
the largest gas producing regions ... and the incredible beauty of the North.
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Many travel to this region already for the very fact - we were in Salekhard. And call it beautiful expedition.
What's the truth, the roads here in the conventional sense no.
In winter there are winter roads. They are made directly on the beds of rivers, the tributaries of the Ob, the taiga.
Tens of ice crossings, settlements, where access is only in the summer on the water, remote places ...

But now I want to talk specifically about the Yamal Peninsula.
The road, or rather the winter road, it goes from Labytnangi from the station Ob.
And he goes all along the 550 km railway line Ob-Bovanenkovo ​​- the northernmost railway in the world.

Getting around is still tundra, there are still a rare larch.
In the distance the foothills of the Polar Urals.

But soon the trees less and less disappeared last bush.
Ahead of us seven days tundra.

The first couple of hundred kilometers paved road, we're going to enjoy, take pictures.

Road alive.
Dozens of heavy trucks traveling in the Bovanenkovo ​​- Home-term Gazprom today.

From 1986 to build Bovanenkovo ​​railroad.
This is a difficult and challenging task, to build it in the permafrost.
But the trains run.

But there are not yet up to the Bovanenkovo ​​to say there is not official press releases Gazprom.
The road is not completed almost 30 km.
Continue to demand work just the driver.
That is how we are going with our fellow travelers on the tundra.

Just a year ago this winter road served. It was needed.
Now almost all loads are on a piece of iron.
And winter road thrown.

Once the ends dumping, begins just Tundra.
Just track, hundreds of kilometers of track in the tundra.

A little small slope and have a chance to turn the 20-ton long-length.

Someone else can be pulled, do.
You can only drag rope together.

We are guests here.
Many cars stop curiosity. Say Bovanenkovo ​​Kharasavey? Not make it.
Photographed at the memory. Car technology is not the case.
But we go further.

Here citizens asked whether there studding on the wheels of trucks, why not go with chains and so on.
Friends, this is everyday reality in Yamal. Here people live in inhuman conditions for months.
This is not the Alps and winter road where you saw puzoterki.
Appliances befitting here. Only four-wheel drive Ural trucks with all the locks and KAMAZ trucks with wheels under five feet tall and avtopodkachkoy.
There is no longer anything more ATVs only.
Not sure many people have seen these machines in principle.
Nataptyvayut winter road right in the tundra, on the virgin snow. Try to go so at least a kilometer. A 100 km and 500? Where to take the diesel fuel, heat, food?
Here the word studding or chain heard at least funny. No Rubilovo, all clear and measured. Can not sit here. Go slowly, but to go.
And well, if the average speed of at least 10 km / h.

Who are unprepared or unable to move so complete.

Levity here there is nothing. It's simple and concrete.

Breaks from work. Make many mistakes.
Looks like riding the Urals, learn. Machinery movement on the tundra differs radically from the way we used to ride.
And then as shown by experience, where will be held the Urals, and we will go there. With some difficulty, but pass.

And around the tundra. And unusual sky.
Photo pass this difficult.

Quickly darkens.
Looking for a place to spend the night increased to at night is not covered with snow.
Engines not deafen for many days.
Machine - sweet home, sleep, prepare food ... everything inside. Services that behind until warm, -32 all.

Morning greets us good weather.
Around the deer. Apparently strayed from the flock.

Track again.

Again railroad.

We still have a lot along the way.
Ahead of the many foxes, partridges, foxes, deer, Nenets ... Well, the beach. Kara Sea.
Frozen into the ice ships and Camps North.


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