The Yamal Peninsula

So, the Yamal Peninsula, the endless snow desert border zone,
the largest gas producing regions ... and the incredible beauty of the North.
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Many travel to this region already for the very fact - we were in Salekhard. And call it beautiful expedition.
What's the truth, the roads here in the conventional sense no.
In winter there are winter roads. They are made directly on the beds of rivers, the tributaries of the Ob, the taiga.
Tens of ice crossings, settlements, where access is only in the summer on the water, remote places ...

But now I want to talk specifically about the Yamal Peninsula.
The road, or rather the winter road, it goes from Labytnangi from the station Ob.
And he goes all along the 550 km railway line Ob-Bovanenkovo ​​- the northernmost railway in the world.

Getting around is still tundra, there are still a rare larch.
In the distance the foothills of the Polar Urals.

But soon the trees less and less disappeared last bush.
Ahead of us seven days tundra.

The first couple of hundred kilometers paved road, we're going to enjoy, take pictures.


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