North West chord - a monument errors

Home town planning error in recent years - North West chord. The error is not itself the chord, and the way it is laid in some areas. Specifically, Shchukin and Khoroshevo-Mnevniki or Koptevo. Here, instead of re-build an independent road away from the houses, took a quiet street with a local boulevard and decided to make it through the 10-lane highway bessvetofornoe. Right under the windows of houses. You leave the balcony, and you instead of the usual Boulevard Ring of such district is buzzing 24 hours a day.

Today chordal rushed to the car, today the life of one of the greenest areas of Moscow would have been poisoned ... but a miracle happened! The main contractor went bankrupt and abandoned construction of a year ago. Now instead of chord road turned into a monument to urban planning mistake Moscow City Hall.

The situation is bad, but not hopeless. All transport experts unanimously criticized the project, but no one listened and built on the most simple way. Now the building stood up and have the opportunity to correct the error. A good opportunity to roll back and save face.

Question chord in our 5th arrondissement most painful. Indifferent among residents not. I decided to walk along the highway failed ...
under the cut 41 Photo © Ilya Varlamov

01. Previously, there were a lot of trees, but they were cut down. Road planned to extend right up to the houses.

02. Chord would divide the area into two parts. Go this way is very difficult

03. For the second year there are fences

04. The contractor, NGO "Cosmos", ruined, abandoned machinery, work is no longer maintained.

05. Machinery rust construction site covered by debris and overgrown. All this is happening under the windows of houses. To say that people resent, it's nothing to say.

06. The guard ensures that the remains of a fall stolen.

07. If the project still does not stop, the road will pass right under the windows of houses

08. Now people can admire the abandoned equipment

09. Sweat right where the fence will bump 10-lane highway. Lucky someone - you come out of the door, and you are carried by trucks at 2 meters from the nose.

10. Already chord destroy all pedestrian infrastructure area. Go Close

11. How to go now unclear

12. Somewhere people walk on the wooden galleries

13. Here is the land transfer.

14. He, by the way, unregulated and move it very difficult, especially for older people

15. The roads are broken

16. Imagine what's going on in the rain

17. This is where the sidewalk along the road was to be held. Only managed to cut down trees. NGOs Cosmos in a hurry as soon as possible to cut down the trees and start working, it was difficult to cancel clearly harmful to the city project against which strongly protesting residents.

18. Pain and suffering

19. But that's not all. Today, residents of the area feel like soldiers passing the obstacle.

20. Here is the entrance to the courtyard!

21. It should be on the wooden stairs to climb over the pipe. Imagine what it's like to do with a stroller or an elderly person. Many retirees simply stopped walking.

22. Pavement

23. The most annoying that these privations and sufferings are totally in vain: in transport terms chord will be harmful and create more congestion than it was before, what clearly written three well-known international expert in his report on this subject.

The fact that the project is not planned to transport workers and builders. As a result, the main transport meaning there was "a hachu Schaub without traffic lights and wide." As a result, here are building huge highway for some reason. Trolleybuses which previously calmly turned Halabyan across the street and the People's Militia left will now wind circles drawn by making a U-turn, passengers will go longer, as a result of the average travel time on this site for all modes of transport will increase. Negative sense transport project.

24. This is not to mention the fact that the area is becoming much less comfortable for living even after the end of construction (and it will take 3-5 years). Huge highway under the windows, subways instead of zebras with traffic lights, 10-lane highway instead of the boulevard with trees - and all this to the builders can get in a row. Another sense, the project is not.

25. Connectivity areas definitely need to increase the chord and need, but do not need it in the form of bessvetofornogo 10 band Highway: nothing could expand, simply add connectivity to be able to, though with traffic lights, but to go from one area to another.

Ideally, you could build a middle of the road a modern tram that would be linked Youth, Khoroshevo-Mnevniki District, the October Field, and Falcon Koptevo - really would be a good chord connection and car and public transport.

But the builders are not interested, it is interesting to dig tunnels and build large interchanges. Transport meaning and convenience of city life is not interested.

26. Entry into the yard.

A complete lack of understanding of the authors of the project construction purposes tells us, for example, a section explaining the case to the official website building (who are too lazy to open: the authors they write just that the speed of traffic will increase everywhere, for example, as much as the Kremlin ring).

27. Many trees that are not cut down, dried themselves.

28. There have not been able to spoil ... A little further cut down everything.






34. One joy to residents - before the construction of chords all windows changed to plastic.

35. Funny leaflet. The only way to get through to his superiors - to complain to Putin.

36. The vast majority of residents in the horror of what is happening and come against the construction of the chord. Very close they have a clear example of what can soon grow beneath their windows.

37. Beautiful isolation? Would like to live here? Try this road go to, for example, go for a walk in the park.

38. Once the green area turned into a desert asphalted.

39. Of course, interchanges and roads are necessary, but not under the windows of houses. And most importantly, they must be the meaning of transport, and not just a building, to have something to occupy idle people and technology




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