2014 FIFA World Cup: the final fanfare group round

We are taking the interim results yesterday ended the group stage of the final tournament of the World Cup in 2014, which is being held in Brazil. However, the first of the matches Thursday.

So, in the penultimate group already knew exactly what the Belgians in the 1/8 finals. And most likely, the first place. Just unreal luck could not change it. Koreans, however, even if he wins no guarantee exit in the playoffs.

However, Asians have tried very hard, and they almost came out to play on equal terms. Problems arose only in the final stages of attacks.

And ended the first half boring zeros. Although a couple of points the team managed to create in front of goal.

The most memorable event was the removal of the Belgian Steven Defour in the 45th minute of the game. In principle, the removal was the case.

In the second half the team of South Korea continued to carry out attacks, but they still looked pale.

Whether business counterattack Belgians. One of them, and brought the winning goal for Europeans. After impact, the young Origen for finishing first appeared Vertonghen.

Belgians became the third team to win nine points from three matches. They generally see out the match with nine men. Trauma and lack of opportunity to carry out a replacement.

As for the parallel match, probably most of you watched it. Russians started for the health and finished for the repose. 1: 1 and the Algerian national team through to the next stage of the competition.

A big hello to Akinfeev and Capello, who continues to be considered the best of the goalkeeper in Russia.

In group G is also nothing was clear to the last final whistle but confidence in the output of the Germans in the next stage of the competition. And they proved it with his play, nearly twice as long as controlling the ball than the US team.

Straining defense only Americans in the first pyatnadtsatiminutki both halves, the second attempt German team managed to score the winning goal thanks to Thomas Muller.

In the second match between Portugal and Ghana to solve not only their fate, but also Americans. A major victory for the Portuguese could be the most chance of reaching the next round. However, Ronaldo and Co. managed to score only twice, while conceding a goal into his own net.

The first goal was held at the end of half time. Ghanaian Boye scored with the transfer of the Portuguese Miguel Veloso. Sounds strange, right? It is. Ghanaian scored an own goal.

In the second half persistently Asamoah Gyan was rewarded. Accurate header from a pass Kwadwo Asamoah. There would Ghanaians to come forward, but Africans ineptly squandered all times.

In response, the leader of the same Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo scored the winning goal in the match and farewell ball pireneytsev in Brazil.

Thus, among the potential favorites in the group stage were eliminated England, Portugal, Italy and Spain. Good came out screenings.

Here's what a couple of 1/8 2014 FIFA World Cup Final:

Brazil - Chile
Colombia - Uruguay
Netherlands - Mexico
Costa Rica - Greece
France - Greece
Germany - Algeria
Argentina - Switzerland
Belgium - USA.

Dare predict quarterfinal pairs, then to check expectations:

Brazil - Colombia
France - Germany
Netherlands - Costa Rica
Argentina - Belgium


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