Traditional Russian cuisine

First of all, Russian cuisine is famous for its first courses (Chlebowo): soup, soups, rassolnik (with pickles, mushrooms), Cagli (fish or meat soup, cooked on cucumber pickle) ear.

Some soups, for example, to the ear, it was customary to serve cakes - pies.

The hottest time of the first fed a variety of cold soups: okroshka, beet soup, tyuryu.

For cakes treated seriously and thoroughly. Preparation of pie or Kurnik takes time and skill. But what a plus: the country has been a leading producer of grain, so the meal has always been in almost every home, well, stuffing - subject to availability. Next - imagination and skill hostess.

Actively used cottage cheese, it was added to the stuffing and cheesecakes shaneg.

Simply with pancakes, which many have long been the hallmark of Russian cuisine. Pancakes baked in butter, added to stuffing or folded into pancake pies.

A special place in Russian cuisine take mushroom dishes: mushrooms, not only cooked or dried, as in other cuisines, but also harvested for future use (salted).

Meat main dishes usually prepared for a great holidays. But what variety, from burgers and fries to the whole of offal roasted pig.

Winter in most of Russia lasts almost half a year and it was a sin not to use freezing temperatures for cooking. For example, aspic. The blessing and preparing the choicest pieces of meat do not need to.

Fishing alternative aspic - jellied fish, sturgeon, for example. Although for me personally in this matter is the number one perch.

Drink meal was also What Sbitnev, kvass, fruit drinks, mёdy, some water, whey, raisins and boiled cabbage juice, and tea from the dried leaves of fireweed, ie willow-herb.

Valued and spirits skillfully cook intoxicating mead (mead), Berezovytsya (fermented birch sap), kvass, beer.

In the 15th century. We learned to make "bread wine" - in the * ku. By the 16th century in the bitch has been the subject of state monopoly: in 1533 in Moscow, Balchug street, opposite the Kremlin, opened the first tsar's tavern.

Of course, over time, Russian cuisine has changed with the advent of new products, changed recipe old recipes forgotten. Fortunately, still preserved recipes that allow you to get an idea of ​​the traditional Russian feast.



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