"Perestroika". VAZ 2103

"Perestroika". VAZ 2103: how to turn a Soviet avtohlam oldtimer cost 5000 euros.

Purebred VAZ 2103 Nicholas wanted for a long time, but did not find the tired "three" was difficult. Most of these cars lived on, deserted courtyards and garage cooperatives.

Therefore, when a neighbor to testify decided to sell his VAZ 2103, Nikolai Gerasimenko to think and did not haggle. On the odometer car was only 130 thousand. Km, and the body, except for a few rust spots was almost perfect condition, and most importantly, the car was covered in native paint, so the emergency did not have to worry about the past. Besides, it was an export version of the "troika", so the build quality, materials and fit interior parts were on top.


His love for the Soviet cars Nicholas explained simply.

- They are real, not something that modern foreign cars: plastic, with a lot of electronics. When driving, the car really feel and understand that on the road a lot depends on you, not on the included ABS or ESP.

According to Nicholas, VAZ 2103 1975 onwards and older in Europe have already moved into the category of old-timers, and completely authentic machines in good condition offers no less than five thousand euro.

His VAZ Nikolai purchased for $ 600, but to bring the car to mind, had to invest a lot more.

- One painting cost much more expensive the car. Total paint on the case has been spent $ 1,500. Color Select authentic, it is in a painted cars 1974-75. Most paint left on the roof, where I decided to strike pattern, and not to find fault on the checkup, drawing done in such a way that even from a distance meter machine looks painted in the same tone. Unfortunately, our laws do not give the car an individual, only welcomed gray ordinariness.

Changes were made and the suspension of the car. But here Nicholas is only in the beginning.

- The springs put on the "Niva", with them softer suspension. Of course, they had to be shortened by a few turns, but frankly do not become a lowrider: in the future I plan to put the air suspension that can be adjusted rise of each wheel, put the management about the handbrake to make it easier. And as the machine is used every day, low suspension in the lowrider style completely impractical: we even such prospectus gauge that constantly cling to the bottom of the lowest car, and on speed bumps and say nothing, one above the other. The project - an expensive music. While doing Shumkov. Trunk already papered with vibroplasta, interior - on the queue.

Original mirrors replaced Nikolai round of "penny" - they are more stylish. Factory pressed discs vaytvolami added, giving the "troika" unique charm.

Somewhat later in the cabin came true American Room Florida 2live CREW, bought on e-bay, Hawaiian garland and the younger brother of the WHA in 2103 - a small radio-controlled machine, a copy of the "troika", only much smaller. Her Nicholas gathered himself - this is one of his many hobbies.


The big problems with the car, given its age, it was not.

- For two years changed the radiator, pump, shock absorbers, solenoid valve idling tuned carburetor, replace the brake fluid touched, probably twice the stove to start working as it should. Change the oil in the gearbox, at the same time bent lined pan. Then put pnevmosignal, closed laminate flooring.


For spare parts Nicholas rigorous approach - only Soviet.

- Buy only authentic Soviet parts. They are much better and more durable than those that are available now. Find such a snap. In Soviet times, motorists were wont to do stocks of spare parts - disrupted omnipresent deficit, now they are willing to sell. You can buy for a penny a new factory item. Not so long sought antenna, so I brought her a completely new, yet the 70s and in their original packaging.

Today, restored and modernized a bit "troika" is not only the owner regularly carries on the work, overcoming 100 km every day, but it is also a welcome guest at many weddings. Nicholas said that once the bride and groom specially ordered for the ceremony only vases, everything looked wonderfully: passers-by stood up, waved, smiled counter traffic police.

- I always cringe when the "penny", "Troika", "six" speak as a bucket of bolts, - says Nikolay. - Nobody interferes turn this "bucket" in the present oldaymer or just take care of the car. Is it so hard to love your car?



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