Little-known natural phenomena

By the way, it is considered the resort town of Huelva.

Pargely - sundog

Parghelia occur when the sun is low, there may be anywhere in the world. Parghelia are partly an offshoot of the halo phenomenon (solar rainbows). If the density of water crystals in the sky is high, the radius of the halo affect another crosswise and solar wheels. Get a picture of the three, or even five suns.

If the sun is reflected from the top (this kind of phenomenon is called a "false dawn"), the bottom can be seen now the sun, and from above, a radius of the halo - the second false.

Pargely in Moscow:

Along with Parghelia may appear antisolntse. This also reflected the second sun, but it is not visible in the disk halo, and on the opposite side of the horizon.

Ice tsunami

Sometimes the ocean currents allow ice to accumulate the coast. And on the motion of the water layer of ice begins to move. Those who hear and see it, they say that the sound of the ice like the sound of train wheels on rails, crashing metal scrap, while the sound of building collapse. Apparently, the phenomenon is really terrifying. Often, such a phenomenon occurs in Canada, and shoreline residents warned of a tsunami in advance so they have time to prepare.


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