Kawaii Japan

Japan as it is. This photo report on the trip to Japan was found in the vast network and offers you. Because Japan has always attracts with its childlike. That's kind of grown people, and in general - technology, fashion, and you will look to the left - Kavala, you will look to the right - even Kawai.

Shop watermelons immediately attracted the attention of its form.

Kawai (kawaii) - translated from Japanese means cute. So, all he sees around the traveler, as if you can display smiley ^ _ ^.

This storefront. All very nezhnenko, rosy, very devochkovoe. Not surprisingly, men in Japan seem to be some kind of sissy-Morozhenko. And it casts, all products are hidden in the freezer and cooler boxes.

In general, the food here is very, very beautiful. Appetizing. As the Japanese manage to not gain weight so abundant and beautiful approach - absolutely incomprehensible.

This dish Yoba-soba. Where soba - noodle and Yoba - understand that. The author does not allow comments.

Sweets also are decorated with beautiful pictures. Imaging muzzles of animals decorated cupcakes, packaging, utensils, napkins, walls ...

In general, a pretty and characteristic expression muzzles beasts, gentle color balls. Even small balls of ice cream - the card of the many local cafes.

This cookie.

The local Japanese people have a custom. Leave an application on the network with a description of yourself, your hobbies, and local invite you to dinner. With an offer bento (single serve packaged food), wrapped in a handkerchief. In this tradition, there is the background, and each item of ritual action has its own name.

Subject vkusnyashek everywhere. Lots of jewelry and accessories in the style of food and products.

Pencil fish

Earrings "Cherry»

Case for iPhone in the form of eggs and bacon

And then we gradually approach the subject of various items for everyday use and decoration.

Gag dish with toys



Subject bunnies everywhere. Seals here, too, in honor, and still come up with the Japanese themselves, but blame everything on the English. Finally, there was a man, who has dispelled this myth. According to the owner of the photos, Kitty was invented by Sanrio. Just here we can say that, say, a European brand.

Shops tend to catch up with Japanese buyers using bright, atypical design. And judging by the diversity of approaches that try to swing. I wonder how much demand there is the profession of architects and designers. Probably, very, very.

This trendy store. What may have been the Japanese inept mods with marketing flair them exactly all right. These mannequins wonderful ah-stoppers. And in a double sense, really, "ah" - "stoppers." Both words in quotation marks.

Along with kawaii cute face of the country we encounter manifestations of refined taste for horror movies. This installation in the underpass. Pretty grim, it should be noted.

Just little animals everywhere ... Abbreviation WC - Water Closet - and a teddy bear on a swing in the picture clearly hinted to us that all the cute pandas entrance to the restroom is open.

Chargers with animals

Accessories bento - Japanese lunch



Cases for iPhone with animals


Colored tape, which shook all that can be shook, sold at every step. Mostly they decorate bags, boxes and gifts. The Japanese tend to make a bit of beauty wherever manage.

Children can put a stamp. Also Kawainui. With nyashnye little animals.


And this - the traditional Japanese prints on fabrics and paper.

From this paper in hotels make paper cranes to happiness ...

A lot of interesting gizmos ...

Bow legs to not driving around in the underground


Funny pillow to sleep

T-shirts for dad and baby

Bags in the shape of animals

The sense of taste? No, not heard. These wallets are all - from small to large. Well if there is a girl, but an adult woman can get from her purse was a baby trinket.


Some Japanese women still wear traditional clothing, although such a phenomenon in the industrial cities is not so common.

Minty (left) and Miho (right). Miho has European brands, as well as in Europe like to wear clothes sewn in the East. What is missing, and the like.

The children are dressed exactly kawaii, not sexy, they dress up and just for themselves, and to show people that they work as advertising agents. This girl handing out leaflets massage salon.

Sometimes it seems that kindergarten rules the world of Japanese. Whether not played enough, whether urabotalis so much that I want to holiday anywhere, anytime. Even the guards on the streets decorated with plastic-faced monkeys.

If your relatives - Japanese boldly give them gifts they will appreciate. There are many here love them. The Japanese small and compact housing, so souvenirs can serve as a nice decoration.

Here's a she, kawaii country.


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