Valorous Ukrainian army. The fact that we have now. "It got to the point that Grandma picked mushrooms near the runway."

< Anatoly Golubovskiy

I assumed that the state of our own army is not brilliant. But that was all so sad, and perhaps could not fantasize. However maemo te sho May. I think for those who are involved in our Armed Forces, this article is unlikely to be a revelation. Others - are welcome.

-Sergei You what time served?
C 2011 to 2012. Just the Euro found. 11 months, on guard duty are less than a month.
-Mestonahozhdenie Part?
-Vasilkov. Before entering the city. A1789. I served in the company of protection.
-Opishi Outlines location, protected objects, your duties.
-Territoriya Part very much. On it, in addition to our own, there was still a part of the AMS (Military patrol) with anti-terrorist bias. Their training carried out in the same perimeter in the special building.
So, at the entrance to the side of the road there are descents. In these places had to be a barbed wire fence. But in the area of ​​300-400 meters in length it was not. More precisely, some scraps from the fence remained, but you can call in at least runway. This picture - from two sides at the entrance side of the track. Outside storage facilities - weight loopholes in which people were free.
Sami warehouses located close enough to each other, and were surrounded by barbed wire. But to call these barriers insurmountable obstacle language does not turn. And in these hangars, for a moment, kept machines, ammunition, grenades and other gunshot joy. Up until the rocket launchers and warheads to them. Installations - frozen, but it is. Short-lived and lead in fighting shape.
-You Know anything about the case of arms sales?
-No. About this had. A write off - yes, retired. In abundance. Where - I do not know
-And What state was to protect these warehouses?
-In Sad. The lighting was very poor. Especially next to the warehouse warheads and missiles for MiG-29. Self storage - huge. Only with rocket launchers - four or five hangars. Were illuminated from only two or all three. And then - not all around. More or less - from the tower. And that - the tower itself was positioned so that when it anyone comes close enough, it was difficult to observe. Next - a concrete fence. And it was quite possible, using the fence to pass so that the soldier on the tower you have not noticed. A machines, which went on duty - not sighted. That is, if it comes, after warning shoot to kill - not the fact that you will get.

< same fence

-A Alarm?
-Was Only missile stock. During a thunderstorm, lightning struck a warehouse with small arms, and since there was no alarm. Well, it - diverse automatic weapons, pistols, ammunition, grenades.
Just at this period came disbanding of many parts. Of those that were located nearby, guns were brought to this warehouse. It was packed.
Was not followed any single bylaws - approaches to the warehouse, barbed wire, lighting, paths for sentries. On the track at night could easily stumble.
Periodically by the soldiers there to do something. But not because it was still necessary to do, and just before the arrival of the next inspection.
Frequent in the territory of the remained strangers?
-When Season begins apples and mushrooms, happened, has happened is this: the territory of the calls in "Zhiguli" (I said at the beginning of what was happening at the entrance). We have a change of ends. Reporting divorcing, going back to the barracks. See how muzhichek ship in the trunk of apples. And leaves. Five minutes later, a guard rushes squad. And all, no one catch.
With mushrooms - the whole song. On the territory of the forest. It is clear, fungi. And official (!) Can not enter the territory. So a lot of mushrooms. But local know something all the holes in the fence and go after prey on bicycles. With bags. We report and chief of staff, and the unit commander. Reaction - zero. So it came to the fact that Grandma picked mushrooms near the runway. A airplanes currently fly. Pastorale.
And there was a case, the men looked over, wandered into the territory of a state of haze, and stumbled upon the duty officer. Well, tied duckies. "How penetrated what to do in the wrong place? - Who knows, do not remember. Get lost. " Kept for 5-6 hours before arrival of the police. The police came, took half an hour later released. Just something businesslike. Once detained especially malicious - they tried to steal cable. With axes, spades. Held overnight. Again called the cops. The same picture. Pick up, let out. And these artists in the next night still succeeded - pulled cable.
A condition of the barracks? It's a nightmare with gothic elements. Draughty wooden structures with windows still time to scoop. In the barracks stood stoves. Otherwise the winter - a pipe. At each hung User istopnomu case.
Our barracks, incidentally, was the warmest. Because we are thrown off for repair - buy double glazing, boiler, TV, aquarium.
A commander of the selling hay mown on their territory. Breezing tractor, hay mowing and exported.


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