Street Fashion Bissau

Clothing from stores such as "All for 50 cents" or «Thug Life» has become commonplace in Bissau, capital of Guinea-Bissau, states in West Africa.

People here are crazy Rihanna (I think here and live her entire Navy), and other rappers Tupac. Generally rap idols and style has a significant impact on the local fashion. Bright colors and ostentation - basic and unchanging trends, although the clothes out quite a bit of money.

Fashion Bissau different from other fashion cities in the country. It is a mixture of bright style clothing for dancing to the music of "Kudur" traditional West African attire.

The clothes observed abundance of the brightest rainbow and neon colors, with most of the people really dressed stylishly, managing to combine several catchy colors in a suit at a time.

Residents Bissau much less conservative than their neighbors from Guinea and Senegal. It is noteworthy that there are so fond of rap that even posing, people danced and trying to portray a kind of improvised dance.


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