Kittens in the oven

In the Krasnoyarsk zoo where I work, May 14 kittens were born Far East. When the baby was 10 days old, their mother died. We found the kids in the morning in a cabin-den, they clung to the dead mother and was about to eat. Zoologists took the kittens into the room and offered them a concentrated cat milk from a bottle («Kitty milk», always available). Kittens, already knowing the taste of mother's milk, ate very poorly, constantly turning from nipples ...

22 photo.

Krasnoyarsk zoo for 14 years, here, as in all the zoos have already been cases where cubs who, for one reason or another were left without a mother, finding adoptive mothers.

Cubs, cougars and cubs we reared dogs and cats without zoologists would be extremely difficult: these helpers in "swarms creek" in the history of breeding and fattening and squirrels and foxes, and foxes, and raccoon dogs, raccoons, civet cats, mongoose , Viverra and marten.

The decision was made immediately. A member of the Park reported that her relatives, retirees have a cat with kittens - peers orphans.

Our rosy and smiling zoologist Tanya folded wild kittens in a box with the words: "Listen grandma!". Soon SEALs were driving in one of the private homes of Krasnoyarsk.

When orphans showed adoptive mother, she was very happy to them, began to embrace them, rake up under her feet, lick. The cat purred loudly and a lot, as if to calm the frightened kittens.

Children - there are children, what difference whose?

Cat Tuchka and wild Far kitten.


Mother cat cubs seemed not to notice the wild yet, they play and compete with them as well as with each other. In general, now the cat Clouds eight children - three and five of his foster.




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