Myths and Legends of Soviet children

Blade cud
Chewing gum imported for the first time were able to try the lucky ones who participated in 1957 in the VI Festival of Youth and Students. In the 80 years cud among children has been the subject of bargaining and "speculation." Winner of the wrapper from the "Turbo", which appeared in the late '80s, automatically "lift" in the eyes of their peers. What can we say about those who could effectively remove from a pocket pack of gum and offer it to friends. At this time, there were rumors among students that are still not dormant "enemies" invent all new diversion to harm Soviet pioneers, which in some gum placed the blade. Many children are so "imbued" those stories that, as an adult, continued to use to break a stick of gum into two halves.

Car for ruble
In 1965, the Soviet Union 60 million copies was struck first anniversary ruble. By itself, the amount of one ruble was already a Soviet child of wealth, not to mention the unusual commemorative coins. In the 80 years of Soviet children happily told his parents that there is some secret government organization who willingly change jubilee ruble on the real car. Causes of unprecedented generosity seemed very clear: iron ruble allegedly made of metal miracle, which was relentlessly hunted Japanese and Americans. The metal was so secret that its exact name no one knew, for that matter, and the name of the organization that exchange rubles for cars.

Red film
Adolescents' 80s there was a myth that if you charge the camera in a mysterious red tape, the people in the pictures are obtained without clothes. Such a film, of course, no one has ever seen, but all have dreams. Students who were lucky enough to get a camera, photographed classmates shouting: "Now you're on the red tape" - the last was adjusted to hysterics. However, incriminating photos, of course, no one ever saw.

In the 80 years in the Soviet Union there was one of the first electronic games. Thousands of Soviet schoolchildren were watching like a wolf on a black and white screen catches eggs. Apparently, trying to somehow justify their tomfoolery, while peers are scouring the city in search of scrap metal and waste paper, the owners of the game told that if we succeed to get a certain number of points will be shown chic Disney cartoon. Neprodvinutye computers in terms of the older generation believed that this is possible. Wolf did when a certain result made some ridiculous gestures, but to call them the cartoon could be a huge stretch.

Dried bloodsuckers
About how much weighs a mosquito, it seems, do not think even the scientists. But Soviet schoolchildren in the 80s often disguises how much blood-sucking insects need to kill to collect "herbarium" weight in kilograms. The reason for finding a solution to this unusual puzzles became a legend that a kilogram of dried mosquitoes gave something "super-duper". What exactly - no one knew. Sometimes it was a very large sum of money. The main problem, according to young naturalists, was the fact that less than one kilogram not accepted, and the collection of entomological collection target weight could leave the whole of life.

"Exercise" for karate
The peak of popularity of karate in the Soviet Union, too, has fallen to 80 years, despite numerous prohibitions. Boys eagerly imitated fighters who won the crowd of opponents bare hands. Cry "Kiya!" And traditional karate stance knew almost every schoolchild. Sometimes the "self-taught" "hone skills" through "people's training system." For example, if a long time to rub the edge of the palm of a stylus pen, it can subsequently move to destroy the bricks. There are two conditions that had to be followed. First, a pencil must be Chinese. Second, it was necessary to spend the entire slate. Needless to say, that get imported products in the 80 years it has been very difficult, and patience to perform "exercise" is also not enough for many. Most motivated, however, to bring the matter to the end and were often in the hospital with broken fingers or wrists.

SSD Toys killer
Stirred the minds of Soviet children's myth-horror story about traveling about the expanses of the USSR black tinted bus (or Volga). Ostensibly it under various pretexts lured children and took them to an unknown destination. For what purposes - history is silent. Learn "ruined millions" bus can be very easy: his license plate was attended by two "C" and "D", which stands not only as "Death to the Soviet Children". A cautionary tale once and discourage hunting obedient children to talk to strangers and even more so for them to sit in the car. In addition, many parents are intimidated by their children stories about toys killer that can be found on the street. At home toys "activated" and ruined not only small owners, but also the whole family. Bringing such finds home strictly forbidden.



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