New Lawns

Medium-duty trucks GAZ-3307 - the successor to the legendary GAZ-53 - had already subjected to thorough modernization. So there Valdai. A second attempt was made to refresh the veteran not too long ago: on the basis of "turf" was built by a family of experimental "Ermak" - the forerunner of the current Lawn-Next. And, advanced development began serial production. Today the capital CTT 2014 will present to the public a new generation of 5-ton crane gazovskih, and in the fall the first "live" on the copies disperse dealerships. What is the Lawn-Next? "Auto Mail.Ru» first learned how to construct the new.

This is not just a truck, but a family consisting of three vehicles: urban, universal and off. Universal machine for the format is more reminiscent of the good old GAZ-3307 - big wheels, tall ground clearance and, of course, excellent permeability, but hence the main drawback - a large loading height. City modification of this shortage is deprived, as is equipped with wheels smaller diameter. SUV, having received its own name Sadko-Next, is the successor of the legendary "shishiga" (GAZ-66 "Auto Mail.Ru» ... even participated in the rally), as it is built on the basis of deeply modernized.

In turn, each of the modifications can be short or long wheelbase, with a standard 3-person or two-row seven-seater cabin. Cabin module creators of new items taken from Gazelle-Next (the whole "of automotive body" is stamped from galvanized steel), which docked original plastic front. And the bumpers are made of steel. I remember standing on prototypes Ermak plastic, but after a storm of criticism from readers "Auto Mail.Ru» (details - in the article "Gaz Ermak: for the comments answer!") Engineers decided to abandon this decision.

Of course, the new cab is much easier the previous one. No bare metal, but there are plenty of shelves and cupholders, plus add a second passenger seat (the details in the article "Gazelle-Next. Made in Russia"). Although primarily a driver of new Lawn Enjoy the convenience of the input-output aperture is larger, and step - less than 10 cm. It is interesting that the new product can be a "long-range": the cab is available for two-row option such as a folding rear sofa from which to get really comfortable and spacious bed. Another interesting option for dvuhryadki - auxiliary heater.

With regard to commercial indicators, then there are new better than its predecessor. Rear-wheel drive versions of the Capacity increased to 5 tons (500 kg) and all-wheel drive - up to 3 tons (1,000 kg), which, of course, required a strengthening of the rear suspension and frame. It became a longer warranty - 2 years or 100 000 km service intervals up to 15,000 km. Although the conditions for Sadko-NEXT less pleasant: 60,000 km warranty and a 10,000 km long service run. At the same time the manufacturer promises the cheapest among srednetonnazhnikov consumables and spare parts! But a large part of the components is now imported.

See for yourself. Steering and grip - ZF, shock absorbers - Tenneco, braking system Wabco, adjustable steering column - CSA Castellon, belts - Takata, the climate system - Delphi, the driver's seat - Isringhausen. The transmission used imported oil seals, bearings and synchronizers. But the engine is likely to be domestic - is a new 149-horsepower turbo diesel YaMZ-534. Although certification has passed the version with 152-horsepower engine Cummins Chinese assembly. But such customers likely will not offer - expensive and Yaroslavskyy unit and in characteristics and reliability should not be worse.

Who will compete new lawns? First of all, with the same gazovskih Valdai (this model - one of the leading segment, monthly sold about 350 cars). In this model, the competitor will be issued and on until there is a demand. Among foreign rivals note srednetonnazhniki Hyundai HD78, Isuzu Elf, and Mitsubishi Fuso Canter. But how reasonable is to buy new Russian 5-ton crane, we are not ready to say: until the gas carefully hides the price of a new lawn, although representatives of the plant enigmatic promise: "The price is good, competition!". Details recognize the fall in September will start the conveyor assembly and the first sale.

It looked like the pilot Ermak - the forerunner of the future Lawn-Next: as you see here from the cab of the previous generation Gazelle

Then we learn how to drive a truck. Factory testers - delighted: "Sensations - absolutely cars!". Of course, in these words there is a certain portion of wickedness, but what gazovtsy able to instill the habits of truck cars, we know from Gazelle-NEXT. Moreover, that was completely new lawn steering and front suspension (the latter - with the increased length of springs and stabilizer bar). Again steering renowned brands ZF habits should give the car a certain degree of nobility ... By the way, the basic version of the model will receive the anti-lock and traction control - is nonsense for the Russian car industry.

This year, GAZ-3307, based on which is built Next, celebrates 25 years - the release of the first mass-produced copies is dated 1989

Finally, we note that the two-generation truck will continue to be produced in parallel! Although frankly outdated design, old lawn sold well: even as truck sales in the country fell in the last month the owners are 600 families of machines 3307. And for sure, "the thirty-third" save his fans, who like kondovy style «Come back in USSR ". "After all, a maximum of iron - a reliable and secure." Although, in fact, a new "plastic" Lawn safer predecessor in the design of load-bearing elements laid cockpit programmable crumple zones that take the impact energy in a frontal collision.



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