Just one bag.

All of us often make purchases in stores. But ever wondered about making a one-handed throw in one basket, just one bag of pet food? Price-him a penny, but that our action is able to save somebody's life is doomed.

I do not urge you to buy a few packages of ezhenevno buy and run around town in search of - who would feed them. No !!!

However, several trips to the grocery store waste for one bag will not affect your family budget. And you are sure to meet a couple of accidents eyes, which for this bag will thank God for your kindness.

Yes, the government should address the problem of stray animals. Yes - sometimes people have nothing to eat. Yes - there are times when the pack animals attack humans. But my question is - what do you personally have done to change the situation? Have you written a letter the district (city, village) councils? Are you a member of the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights? Shelter Are you at least one poor fellow, freezing in February, a 20-degree frost and die, tormented agony ferocious hunger? And so on. And die in car accidents is a thousand times more people and more cars, and the nature of the poison, not only emissions - oil production, its transportation, processing, storing billions of tons of harmful and toxic substances released into the environment. Well, we call for a ban and total destruction of the oil and auto industry?

No, of course zhe.Ya just want to say - we are people, and "Man it sounds good." You will not be proud that the slope outside the unfortunate lumps and poured a little food in front of his muzzle. This can be proud of your children. Do not trample their souls germs of goodness and humanity - and so the poison around a lot, and our children are poisoned.

We have been doing so. Buy bags of food at each entry to the store. Learning of this, so we started to make friends. And let each of us will buy only one bag per month - we will save a lot of that's doomed.

1 bag per month. 12 bags per year. My neighbor cooks them food itself, and feeds on the waste ground - is that there were no accusations of hidden advertising. It's about the principle. Feed once a month one unfortunate animal - you will feel like a man.

Personally, I have 34 years of life the first time I heard the song of my soul, when I meet my now runs a loyal friend and a favorite Idol, and how glad heart that Bourgeois and Kid patiently waiting for me in his place.

On a cold March made this photo - son found an abandoned construction site. Rose porridge with stewed meat and bacon, sometimes gave them dry food fortified grow still.

All puppies we have attached. And one and stayed with us. No one has betrayed him. Leaving a job does not turn around, so as not to see his eyes, full of yearning. Taken by his wife - he heard my steps and jumps the gate :)

I'm sorry if someone hurt or offended, I just wanted to tell you all the things that add to our life new colors.
To all of you good people !!!



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