10 exciting professions

In the world there are many professions. Some people do amazing things interesting. For that, I must say, very well paid.

Nathan Savaii - LEGO-artist

Nathan Savaii from New York one of the first creative specialists LEGO, who was able to present the idea of ​​the creation of designer objects as art. He creates unique works that are exhibited in museums around the world. His concepts are used to develop new toys.

Dylan Blau - freelance animator

He developed a new kind of animation in the style of stop-Motion. He works with clay, paper, tin cans. His video lasts less than 6 seconds, but fascinate its originality.

Kseniya Simonova - professional artist on the sand

In 2009, the competition "Ukraine's Got Talent" Xenia presented its program and drastically became famous. She paints stories with sand, not just creating drawings. This is a unique profession, similar to the profession of an animator.

Today, Xenia travels around the world, featuring performances for heads of government and royals. For her husband drag sold his printing equipment and bought three kilos of sand of volcanic origin, with whom Xenia could get started. Such self-sacrifice brought the family fame and fortune.

Jack Wall - composer of video games

Ever wonder who writes epic songs for video games? Jack Wall - one of these people.

He creates music for virtual reality. The most famous of his work - the soundtrack to Mass Effect.

Kirk Redmeyker - "sand" sculptor

Kirk creates a sand sculpture since 1997. It reproduces fine details of images carefully and accurately. It would seem that where does the profession and to whom is it all? But the beaches are often themed festivals and parties. Someone creates an icy figure in the New Year's days.

So here: someone has to deal with the creation of the figures from the sand. Here you have a profession. Who pays it? Stars, presidents, rich people who itch to build a statue in his garden. So it's a huge earnings.

Chico MakMёtri - expert on robots

Chico MakMёtri - not just an engineer, but also an artist. His robots are able to more interesting look, and are compatible with each other. The last work - installation "robotized church" of 35 robots that live their lives interesting.

Exhibit items robots travel around the world, where there are huge box office.

Tony Suotton - blacksmith Hollywood

This man lives and earns that forges the weapons requisite for movies. For example, Jack Sparrow sword forged by him. Tony has a shop where anyone can buy a gun to your taste. On Youtube channel Tony leads the show "Man and weapons", and thus became popular. He pays special attention to detail and plays virtually exact replicas of various types of weapons.

Jerry Hacker - shumovik

And here is a wonderful profession, from my point of view. Jerry invents new kinds of noises and sounds, which are then used in the films. In fact, the clang and clatter of weapons, rattling sound of breaking the house is not so, as it does in the movies. But for the beauty of the story you need special sounds.

Here Jerry invents them. To create the sound he uses everything that comes to hand.

Patrick Tatopoulos - the creator of creatures

One of the very make-up artists that generate sleep of reason, that is, the monsters.

That if by Francisco Goya. Carefully working on a way to contemplation is a master of monsters. The last work Tatopoulos - Vincent Cassel mask from the movie 2014 "Beauty and the Beast."

Patrick Tatopoulos

Jane Perkins - plastic artist

Not a new profession, but Jane does his job masterfully, making and is known throughout the world creates a fused plastic pugovok and other plastic garbage pictures. In some ways this profession may be analogous to many other destinations. Jane makes replicas of famous photographs and paintings. "Afghan Girl", for example, is simply amazing similarity.

Jane and her work


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