Dad / Papa.

Country: South Korea
Type: full-length, 116 min.
Genre: Family
Director: Han Ji-Seung
* Park Yong-Woo,
* Go Ara,
* Daniel Henney

Description: In pursuit of his missing the singer, manager Zhong Su goes directly to America. He can not go back, because sections and done in Korea, he was not very pleased. To stay in the United States, a man enters into a marriage, and eventually forced to raise six children completely different, to save his ass. Children, he is not a fan, and children are not very happy with his presence, but for the sake of mutual benefit, they begin to live together. In addition, Su-jung finds that the eldest daughter of June sings great. Naturally, it awakens the desire to make her a star and, through it, to earn a lot of money. Does man save his job and position? Or sacrifice everything for the sake of the children? Will the children fall in love with Korean dad, because he did not understand their language?


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