McPhee Girl / My Scary Girl.

Year: 2006
Country: South Korea
Genre: comedy, drama, adventure, thriller
Duration: 01:52:15
Director: Jae Hong Son / Son Jae-gon
* Park Yong-woo / Pak Yong Do
* Choi Kang-hee / Choi Gang Hee
* Jo Eun-ji / Cho Eun Ji

Description: A timid college professor, Tae Woo, very smart, but never fall in love, meets a mysterious but charming girl, Mi Na. Lacking communication skills with the opposite sex, he awkwardly asks her out on a date. Surprisingly, she accepts his invitation. Being the first time in the role of lover, he is very unnatural. However, when they fall in love, Tae Woo finds some strange things about Mi Na. Although she claims that an intellectual and an artist, she had never heard of "Crime and Punishment", nor about Mondrian, although one of his paintings hangs in her living room. But Mi Ha is even more terrible secrets.


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