As my grandmother or expressions

Your grandmother also call you sluts and Kulёmoy? Says "kolidor", "semachki" and "Oh, you, drat!"? Do you still remember what "this morning", "gamanok", "pimples" and "vehotka»?

Let's go back to your childhood and remember how our grandmothers said.

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We never took offense at my grandmother when she called us:
Kulёma, mischievous, goryushko you my onion, Skoda (not Octavia), bezobraznitsa, mutt, and sometimes "fascist" (well, kind of thing, of course).

We laughed when her grandmother in a special uttered the usual words:
Kufnya (kitchen), wardrobe (closet), kolidor, kanpaniya (company), Maneza (mayonnaise), kartovka, markoshka, lesaped, semachki, the clock is not hodyut, kepchuk (ketchup), glazishshy, hvostishshe, life, earliest time sheshnadtsat, robyaty (guys) podokolnik, tilivizer, without eating, without pimshi, gulyamshi, etsamoe (this is), as the EVOH (that's it), drushlag (instead of a colander), "Chiyku garyachinkava glass of drink, Stoll."


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