Sergei Myl'nikov: the youngest hero of Russia

In the continuation of the post I suggest to get acquainted with the youngest person to be awarded the title of Hero of Russia. His name is Sergei Myl'nikov, as part of the peacekeeping forces of the Russian Federation, he participated in a fierce battle against Georgian troops in Tskhinvali. We read of the heroism of the young fighter in the continuation of the post!

He became the youngest hero of Russia. In 2008, Sergeant Sergei Mylnikov 22 years. Driving without a damaged tank ammunition, Myl'nikov attacked the enemy and put him to flight, thus creating for its corridor to break out of the encirclement militants.
... From confusion mother did not recognize her in a stately military earrings. Two years ago, she accompanied her son to the army. Mourners usual humble boy. And now, in front of her - a real hero of Russia. He said sternly, "everything is normal", but a little taken aback by the crowd welcoming hugs and fellow - journalists administration. Even the military commissar came with flowers. Barely restraining thrill sergeant Myl'nikov tried to answer the main question of interest to all: "Well, whatever it was, in Tskhinvali?┬╗
- No, it's not scary, so scary today. Returned home because alive and well - confessed tanker. - But even more than that during the battle, worried the Kremlin, when he received from the hands of the President of Russia "Gold Star┬╗.
In fighting against Georgian troops in the battalion sergeant Myl'nikov group participated only one day. That day changed not only his life, but all the men of the battalion of Russian peacekeepers caught in a tight encirclement.
August 9, 2008 directly to the street fighting T-72 under the command of Sergei along with three armored personnel carriers surrounded a breakthrough to the peacekeepers and saved them from destruction. But the Georgian artillery and tanks continued to shell our positions furiously.
- When we arrived at the battalion, then marveled at what he saw the picture. Barracks and boiler destroyed medical unit and a new medical machine destroyed. Losses peacekeepers were killed 12 people were still injured, - later told the youngest hero of Russia.
Armored Mylnikova acted as nomadic fire means. Moving back and forth, accurate tank fire hit the manpower and equipment of the enemy.
- On the right of mistakes we had not. Each shell was setting the goal of our tanks. After two hours in my tank was hit by two grenades and two RPG projectile from the gun BMP. Dynamic protection flew out of order system of rotation gun out of ammo. Then we decided to leave the tank and join the peacekeeping battalion commander to control the fire from the barracks tanks. Afterwards, I went from tank to tank as fully owned situation on the battlefield, because our other two cars covered a battalion from the rear. When the fourth tank ammunition exhausted, I made my way to the barracks, where was shooting a machine gun, - said Sergey Myl'nikov.
Ring around town peacekeepers compressed. The Georgians shot our position from a distance of 40 meters. Depart towards exiled reinforcements under fierce fire was impossible.
Then the young soldier made impossible. He made his way to his battered unarmed tanks and at top speed went on the attack on Georgian motorized infantry. The power of a formidable war machine and determination of the Russian tank driver turned to flee. Myl'nikov pursued them almost half a kilometer, and then reported to the Communications: "You can start a departure." Peacekeepers left with female doctors and wounded in their arms, and the Georgian infantrymen chased them five kilometers ...
- I'm alive and well, not injured - voice sounded Sergei when handset lifted his mom. Almost a week parents knew nothing about the fate of his son, his phone was silent. And on TV in the news constantly talked about the bloody battles on the streets of Tskhinvali.
It was only later he learned from the battalion commander, the command that submitted it, a common soldier, the title of Hero of Russia. Sam even at first did not believe it. But for himself he decided at once - defy this title will never be. Is that a time will take advantage of the privilege - for admission to the university ...



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