In Argentina, we found the remains of the largest dinosaur in the world

fossils of creatures that may be the largest of the once open dinosaur, found in the Argentinean Patagonia. Scientists believe that opened a new kind titanozavra.

Fossils found a local farmer. Judging by the huge thighs, size dinosaur reached 40 meters in length and 20 meters in height (with extended neck), paleontologists say. He was a herbivore and weighed about 77 tons, which is 7 tons more than Argentinosaurus, which is still considered the most difficult on the dinosaur planete.

Total scientists from the Paleontological Museum of Trelew city unearthed 150 bones "in perfect condition", belonging to seven individuals. They lived in the Patagonian forests 95-100 million years ago. Name a new species of dinosaur is not poluchil.

The former "biggest dinosaur" - Argentinosaurus - presumably weighed 70 tons, this assessment was made by scientists at only a few bones. Found recently herbivorous might be more accurately described as paleontologists, this time a lot of material.

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