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About bears

At a meeting in the forest people and the bear often scatter in different directions and then long to come to life. I was lucky enough months to live and work in the most bearish places in Russia, and perhaps the world - in the Valley of the Geysers and the Kuril Lake in Kamchatka. Both these places are protected Kronotsky reserve, rangers whom I work. If my colleagues and I always ran from bears, there is nothing else to do we did not have time (although sometimes you have to run). Bears also not all run by people. Several generations bear here grew under the protection of the protected mode, and some animals have a panic fear of man. When I live in the forest, such bears are closest neighbors and visible, sometimes even look in a window or door. If you live long in one place, automatically start to get to know them in person and give names. When six years ago I came to the Valley of Geysers, there still live bears, which gave the names of Vitaly Nikolayenko naturalist, author of the book "Kamchatka bear."

In this book he described the life stories of several legendary Bears: Kornoukhov, Dobryni, Temnolapki. Died Vitaly Nikolayenko, there already and most of them described bears. I found in the Valley of Temnolapku and in the future I will try to tell about it personally. Many bears the Kurile Lake, avoid people and repeatedly shot by photographers and filmmakers, too, have received proper names. Sumo wrestler - a large male that by the autumn of gaining as much fat that it was difficult for him to walk on land. He preferred to swim along the shores of the lake. Diver - also known swimmer and diver - could raise snuluyu fish from a depth of several meters. Eternal old man - every year down from the mountains in the extreme exhaustion and painful as every summer is predicted his death, but he is alive today. Drunk (he is shown in the top picture) - Welcome sloth-philosopher, always lying on the beach, got so ugly name when in 2008 took away from the Austrian tourist flyazhechku with schnapps and sucked it. Today I'll show you pictures of my acquaintance in person bears. A lot of them, so I will give only one snapshot of each individual. In the vaults of the same much more.


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