Putin's judo: "Know in advance, working ahead of the curve"

Martial Arts, according to Vladimir Putin, give such knowledge and skills that are essential policies. Putin believes that Judo - this activity and for the body and for the mind. It develops strength, reaction, endurance, teaches to control myself, to feel the sharpness of the moment, to see the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, to strive for the best results and constantly work on yourself.

"It does not come at once: an understanding that you can use the power of the opponent in their own interests, to achieve their sporting goals. It comes with increasing skill. Judoka understand how important it is to use the knowledge about the opponent - what movements he spends most efficiently, which is its crown techniques, basic throws. Know in advance, to be proactive, meaning that you can use the momentum of its weight, the inertia of their own actions. "

"Sport Judo helps develop the ability to control himself and show a quick response time and the moment when it will lead to the greatest results. Judo - a way of thinking, perception of the world and the attitude of the people, the attitude to partners ยป.

"Judo - it's not just a sport, it is a philosophy. This respect for elders, to the enemy, there is no weak. In judo, everything from the ritual and ending with some small things, brings educational moment. That came on the carpet, bowed to each other ... But could the other way - rather than "worshiped" right in the forehead to the enemy. "

Mike Rogers, chairman of the US House of Representatives for intelligence - I really believe that Putin is playing chess, and we - tic-tac-toe. Think of where he is and that he wanted to get away from the situation in Syria. He got everything he wanted, including President Obama has deprived his advantage, which is to guarantee or at least very possible attack. It happened. It happened this week. And it happened in the framework of the agreement, but we do not know how it will be implemented.


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