25 secrets of the series "Friends"

In 1993, Matthew Perry, NBC offered them co-written the script sitcom called "Maxwell House," about a group of young people. He was denied because the company has already started work on a similar show - it was "Friends».

Before settling on "Friends", the producers of the series saw such names as "Once in the West Village," "Six of One", "Friends like us", "Across the Hall" and "Insomnia Cafe».

The show originally planned to focus on four main characters: Monica, Ross, Rachel and Joey. Phoebe and Chandler were to remain of secondary importance.

Monica and Joey had become the main couple in the series.

Ellen DeGeneres has refused to play the role of Phoebe.

In the early stages of the writers were thinking hard to make Chandler's gay.

"When I first met Chandler, I decided that he was gay, but I sing at his wedding now".
The original soundtrack for the series was the song «Shiny Happy People» by REM It was used in a pilot version, which still bore the name "Friends we».
The frame around the peephole was originally holding a mirror. One of the crew members broke it, but the frame left in place, because it still looked good.

The legendary orange sofa from Central Perk was found in the basement of the series set designer studio Warner Brothers.

In the first couple of episodes Monica and Rachel lived in an apartment at number 5. Then it was replaced in the number 20, because the producers understood that the fifth apartment should be located on several floors below. For this reason, the number of dwelling Chandler and Joey changed from 4 to 19.

Soundtrack I'll be there for you was written by co-producer of the series by David Crane and Marta Kauffman with the band The Rembrandts Phil Solemom and Danny Wilde.

In 1995, the song has held the first position in the Billboard Hot 100 chart Airplay for eight weeks.
Age of actors at the time of the premiere:

Full names of the characters:
Chandler Muriel Bing;
Rachel Karen Green;
Ross Eustace Geller;
Monica E. Geller (we'll never know, which means E);
Joseph Francis Tribbiani, Jr.;
Phoebe Buffay (she did not know his second name because it does not see its own birth certificate).

Only the second season of the series has done without the Day of Thanksgiving.

Jennifer Aniston admitted that she hated the now iconic Rachel haircut.

Courteney Cox was the only actor who has not received an Emmy nomination for his work on the show.

"No, it's you messed up, you idiot."
Christina Applegate has been invited to the role of Amy Green for a Happy Thanksgiving episode (Season 9) after Reese Witherspoon, for whatever reason are not able to play again Jill Green. Christine received an Emmy for best guest actress in a game this episode.

Bruce Willis starred in an episode for free.
During the filming of the movie "9 yards" Matthew Perry made a bet with his partner Willis that if the painting led the ranking at the box office in the first weekend, he will play in the "Friends" for free. And so it happened, so Willis, has been invited to the show, he gave all the money to charity.

Gunter was originally a role without words. James Michael Tyler got it, as could be managed with a coffee machine. He worked in a cafe, when I started playing in the series, and continued to work during the first four seasons.

Refrigerator in the apartment of Monica really worked. He was filled with water and drinks for the crew and actors.

In fact, the statue of a white dog Joey belonged to Jennifer Aniston. A friend gave her this sculpture as a talisman.

The series was released two albums with soundtracks, both after graduation: Friends, The One with All the Party Music EP (2004) and Friends: The Ultimate Soundtrack (2005).

During the first season, each actor receives $ 22,500 per episode. By the end of the show they received a million already.

The latest series watched by more than 52 million viewers, and it became the fourth most viewed among the final episodes in the history of American TV series.


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