USSR. 1959. Dishwasher

"Elektroposudomoechnye machines allow for a short time to wash and dry the table and tea ware and cutlery (knives, forks, spoons, etc.). A complete cycle of dishes in such machines consists of the first and second rinsing and drying, and proceeded for 12 - 20 minutes.
Dirty dishes in the sink is placed in the existing car special wire baskets. Utensils washed from all sides streams of hot water under high pressure created by the pump machine. For drying dishes machines have electric or gas heating.

Some washing machines are easily converted into dishwashers, for example washing machine "Harkiv-KHEMZ" production Kharkov Electromechanical Plant. To do this, the machine is placed a special tank for washing dishes.
Capacity dishwashers usually calculated on washing dishes for a family of 4-6 people. This dishwasher saves from housewife on average 50% of the time required for manual dishwashing, or saves about 600 hours a year ».
My mother - a conservative. She believes that the badly dishwashers wash dishes. Plates, cups, spoons, forks can be cleaned only by the old grandmother's way - by hand. And without gloves.
I - progressive person and accept the achievements of mankind in the facilitation of domestic work. But my dream - it's a personal cook. How is it in some book "before the revolution to each family in St. Petersburg was the cook." Hopefully soon technique reaches climax of progress, and we get a universal cook-robot in every home.
How these machines were distributed in 1960-1970-ies. I can not say - I do not know. My mother remembers that she knew only one family in the early 1960s, which had a dishwasher. My mother's mother, my grandmother was acquainted with a lady whose husband was a minister (I do not know how). So, this lady was imported dishwasher. The lady did not like this car. She said that "chore" to use this progress.
At this lady as his wife a public official of that rank, of course was a servant in the house. And I'm not sure that ministersha itself, its white ruchenki ever ran the car wash. But the fact remains - dishwasher stood in the kitchen and was a topic of discussion.



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