Ukrainian authorities want to establish a national operating system and antivirus

The site of the Presidential Administration appeared a decree signed by Alexander Turchinov, which refers to the strengthening of information security. The document states that, within three months Ukrainian IT-professionals should develop an action plan for a national secure operating system and antivirus. Blockquote>

Responsible for the development of the project will be the National Institute for Strategic Studies and the SBU. In late summer, they will be required to submit the draft to the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine. Details regarding the new software are not reported.

In addition, Turchynov ordered the creation of the state mediahodding that will disseminate accurate information about the social and political situation in Ukraine.

Meanwhile in Russia intend to create their own internal Russian information system called "Cheburashka". In addition, "Rostelecom" by the end of this spring is about to launch a state search engine "Sputnik", which will compete with Google and "Yandex".


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