Way OT man's heart

- Why do not you eat these wonderful carrot cutlets? I tried! I have the whole evening spent at the stove, they are also such nezhnenko, vozdushnenkie useful ...
- Why do not you wear this acid yellow shirt? Enough to go to a boring black enough to be sad, I want my man to be beautiful!
- What a couple of beers with another army? I'll go too! How not? And I? And what about me? I'm the one sitting at home? Up to nine at night alone? Egoist!
- What other car, I was not in Thailand! In normal families, the husband always gives the entire salary to his wife, and she owns it. And you 500 rubles a month will suffice.
- Why do you always call my name? I'll wife, beloved wife! And often, more often, with the expression.
- Opt for a movie for the evening. No, come on "Twilight"! Oh please. More last look - and everything.
- Those who continually wash and clean up the house - a woman unsatisfied in sex.
- Give me your phone! What oh? You have secrets from me? Who is she? I'll kill her, I'll kill you, I'll hang myself!
- This man wants to have children, and always aspires to it, and no place to live - it's not a problem if you are a normal guy. God gave the child - the child and give! In a second job to arrange. It's such a joy - to have a child by the woman he loved!
- We still have time to spend together, every moment, if you leave me for half an hour - you can lose me forever!
- Where, where are you going? Ungrateful creature! I do everything for you and you and you ...
I endured eight years.
Many will understand.


Source: zadolba.li


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