The cat lived for two weeks under the hood of a car

40-year-old mother of three children, Julie Tansley (Julie Tansley) relentlessly drove about the streets, trying to find the cat, who disappeared on May 7. During a detour nearby streets Briton noticed that the dashboard light up the coolant level.
"I saw some flashing light, but did not understand what was going on - I do not know much about cars. So I took the book and realized that it was an indicator that signals a lack of coolant level in the tank - says Tansley. - Following instructions, I opened the hood and could not believe my eyes - looked at me Princess ".

It turned out that the animal has managed to get under the hood, but the climb back and failed. For two weeks, the cat involuntarily participated in their quest, until hunger forced her to cut the hose of a cooling liquid.
The British tried to get skinny own pet bathed in antifreeze, but her attempts were unsuccessful - Princess firmly stuck in the trap.
"I tried to get to her, but realized that I needed professional help. I had to call a neighbor who owns a scrap yard and ask him to send mechanics "- says Julie.

The man, who came to the rescue of a black cat, it took more than 45 minutes to make it. The owners of Princess immediately washed her hair from the coolant, and then gave a little emaciated animal food.
As reports Mirror, Tansley is now expected to cover car repairs, affected by the rescue operation.

"I have already indicated that the replacement of the hose and the rest of the repair will cost 300 pounds ($ 450). But all of these expenses - nothing, in fact, we still managed to rescue the princess. It is terrible to imagine what would have happened if she had not gnawed hose "- says the Briton.




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