In Kazakhstan, the rails come down passenger train

In Atyrau region in western Kazakhstan derailed and fell to 13 out of 19 train cars. The incident took place 70 kilometers from the district center of Makati. The reasons for the vanishing of cars not yet known, it will establish a special commission.
We know that those killed there, but for medical help turned 33 passengers, a few of them are in serious condition.

The first five victims were immediately sent to the hospital by car Makat village. The rest were taken to the regional center by helicopter. The crash site was deployed medical center, all in need medical assistance was provided.

"Currently, the regional hospital are 6 victims. Two of them were in serious condition. In Taraz resident, born in 1961, a broken jaw, cut wounds of the face. Do residents of Astana, born in 1944, fractured ribs, amid strong pressure stress. Another 4 people are still in the village of Makat district hospital ", - informed at a briefing Head of the Department of Health Atyrau region Utepkaliev.

Three of the victims of the Makat - two residents of Atyrau and Kyzylorda per inhabitant - today is scheduled to deliver to the regional hospital. One victim, at her request, will be transported on a residence in the town of Kulsary, the head of administration, Kazinform reports.

According to him, the number of victims increases. Today in Atyrau for medical care turned 12. All of them helped. They will be under the supervision of doctors, said Utepkaliev.

The injured passengers of the train "Almaty-Atyrau" can count on the financial compensation, the chief engineer of the department of Atyrau main line railway Janibek Zhunturbaev.

"This issue is being considered," - he said at a briefing. Zh.Zhunturbaev explained that according to the law in the cost of the train ticket includes insurance, which gives the right to receive the sum insured, depending on the damage caused to passengers.
The head of the regional department for emergency situations Balatbek Omarov said that some of the things the passengers, especially the wounded, left in the cars. At the present time, according to his information, the place of emergency cordoned off and guarded by police to prevent looting.



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