This entrancing format - direct communication with President Putin subordinated population - twelfth. And, of course, the most dramatic. These are the surrounding circumstances, that is, of course, fueled by a respected public interest in the event. And indeed it was curious to hear the head of a country that is so sharply and unequivocally suddenly changed its positioning on the international stage and ready, it seems negligible sumnyashesya continue to move in this direction brutal. In addition, heat hope to extract from all this smoothly flowing stream of sounds at least some understanding of our prospects to you and to get answers to important questions. For example, such Donetsk or ours to this day Bandera? And until we endure the humiliation of the Russian people in Transnistria, where there torturing Romanian-fascists? (Or, the term had not yet entered into the everyday life of Russian TV channels? However, it does not matter ...)
Vladimir Putin, of course, bathed in the glory of today, people's love and universal admiration ... Immediately, from the first minutes of ether became clear that this - his finest hour, the top of the career (possibly - intermediate), the main result of many years of presidency. Before the audience appeared slightly tired antique hero, warrior-leader in bloodstained armor, still warm from the battles, just done a lot of different feats in a row and ready for new challenges and win ... But the thunder, bit the dust enemies he will be there, on the battlefields of the wild barbarians (who "generally stunned - tanks and planes thrown against the civilian population"), but now with my lovely loyal people it will be slightly forgiving and merciful pacified. And mercy is to show compunction present Putin directly at the exit of the throne room: Well, my friends, simple channel "Rain"? They certainly made mistakes, but young else goosey ...
However, all this is not a vulgar entourage made us forget about the main task - to try to guess the short term, to answer the perennial question: what will happen to the homeland and to us? Otherwise, why would we ditched three o'clock life and subjected to such severe trials of our immortal souls?
Perhaps the darkest justified expectations and fulfilled all the pessimistic forecasts. Our hero, of course, on our laurels is not going to stop and really seem to go through. That is - to Transnistria. Cut off from the Black Sea to Ukraine, to punish the people who dared to ignore the will of Caesar, to overthrow his satrap Punish ... so that has not risen, not ochuhalsya - is the main goal is not declared, the main motive of the whole campaign. But in the process of revenge arose and new, probably whispered base. Like, all the negative items will be erased from the memory of mankind, and the role of the collector of Russian lands, the true founder of the Third Rome to secure for his name in history forever. And this is not the momentary glory, not precocious, and lumpish and unbreakable in generations. With such a glory not lie in a coffin, and in the mausoleum under the moans and groans Inconsolable subjects.
One Western colleagues with indignation, and very earnestly told me at the end of view: "If such a level politician publicly recognized in a lie on such a significant occasion (part of the Russian troops in the operation of the annexation of the Crimea), it at least means that his career is finished ... No idiot for it is no longer vote. " "Maybe in your world, with a long-outdated notions of true democracy, and this democracy - I responded to him. - This is true, but in today's Russia, such a demonstration of leadership qualities - the ability to calmly ignore obvious facts say one thing today and tomorrow in the blue eyes of others - only adds to the popularity and demonstrates the powerful charisma of the leader ... »
But no matter how painful impression from what he saw and heard last Thursday, is nothing new to our knowledge about Vladimir Putin is a three-hour rite is not added. However, some interesting nuances still worth a look. For example, it became clear that the organizers of this wonderful holiday, for some unknown reason, it is still important to demonstrate the city and the world is a national character to support a national leader. Otherwise, why would so many people seated hall with a reputation for owners is not popular in Russia Putin's liberal views? That is not alone URALVAGONZAVOD headed Kiseleva bowed their heads before the glory of the God of Thunder, but also those who all these years allowed himself to criticize Putin. And liberals, frankly, do not let us down, worked on all the "hundred»!
Amazingly made and politician Irina Prokhorov, who complained to the tightening of morals in courtesy of the fatherland, and journalist Andrei Norkin glorifying the spirituality of cadet education ... And answered them, Putin is not arrogant, but only a little condescending, shaking his head with a slight smile on his lips as if to say ... others Sheep certainly misguided, but what can you do now, if caught in the herd and such? Do not let the same right under the knife ... At least not today, as I celebrate the victory over the world.
But all the speakers from this small but important fraction surpassed course, the former presidential candidate Irina Khakamada Russia. Ms. Khakamada just congratulated Vladimir Putin, calling it a "winner» ...
Well, well, perhaps, to the system of values, which are now committed Irina Mutsuovna Putin really is a winner. However, the question of who he defeated and at what cost, a few hangs in the air, but in the days of salutes grunt looks out of place ... The more that we are in trouble not his throw and pay the price. And, of course, will not condemn people who considered themselves for the opportunity to participate in this view for the amusement of the Kremlin diverse audience. Life is - one, and we must live it so that it was not painfully hungry. And if this is painfully embarrassing, then we certainly tolerate it ... Shame, as we know, the eyes do not eat.
A TV channel "Rain", I think, still does not turn on - enough with their monarchical forgiveness ...

In the photo: Ukraine. Kiev. April 17th. While watching a TV program on the laptop "Direct Line" with President Vladimir Putin & quot; during a session of the Verkhovna Rada.
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