Agitprop 1964

Sochi "area of ​​political education." At the time, it was necessary to be able to accurately separate the "ours" from "not ours." And propaganda helped in this Soviet man as she could. In red on the map represents "our" - ie, USSR itself, China and the socialist countries (or a little earlier, so-called "people's democracies" - was such an absurd term meaning, as usual, quite the opposite in meaning). Pale blue painted "neutral country" orange - "being in colonial dependence," vaguely brown - "to seek national independence." Everyone else was given naming "imperialist countries" and, of course, their corresponding color g.vna. And once it becomes clear - who is good, who is our friend, who just so, and who is an enemy that threatens the atomic bomb and puts a needle in a chewing gum for Soviet children.

In those years, the entire Soviet people was tasked not only to build communism, but also to catch up and overtake America. Make it easy, because still no one really knew what was on to the Americas. They said only that it's bad, unemployment, impoverishment of the working class and the rabid imperialist circles who wish to burn the globe in the crucible of nuclear war. Well, that is, a country to catch up and overtake us nothing. The right of the card is a stand that illustrates what the Soviet people have already surpassed the Americans. Note the bright and imaginative American image - it really looks like an old man in a suit Hottabych, but once it becomes clear that he is a bad man. However, if more attentively look at the guy on the arrow "USSR", the sympathy for him, too, feel the hard. Though his he nashensky. Internet did not exist, so check out these average annual growth rate of industrial production was nowhere. Believed in the word.

In those years, Khrushchev visual propaganda in general different verbosity and an abundance of statistical data. Soviet citizen even on vacation shipped quantity of smelted iron and was told how much of what you need to produce more, that was good. Well not always promised for next year, and in the future - in 1964 it was in 1980, when we had to build communism. Please note, if the phrase about Lenin and electrification of Soviet power and the use of chemicals added. Then all the forces thrown not only for corn, but also for the construction of all kinds of chemical plants. Then an expression - "send to chemistry." Convicted of parasitism somehow sent it to build chemical plants. At the same time began to use the word "khimichit" in the sense deceive, cheat, more agile.

About corn, of course, also do not forget. This wonderful poster Dyupake photographed somewhere in the Kuban.


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