Pepsi and Coca-Cola banned

Businessmen from the Novgorod region have responded to numerous sanctions the European Union and the United States - in their stores are forbidden to sell popular worldwide Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The initiative was supported by entrepreneurs and other business representatives.
In the town of Borovichi, is the second largest in the Novgorod region, home to nearly 56 thousand. Man on the shelves of major stores no longer find popular carbonated drinks Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
Local entrepreneurs are closely watching the developments in Ukraine and the United States are extremely dissatisfied with the intervention in the affairs of its neighbors, as well as sanctions that are introduced Western countries against the Russian officials. After some discussion, they decided enough to develop the US economy, it is necessary to maintain a domestic producer.
"The capitalists sell us drinks for profit, composition and influence on health are unknown", - he told reporters the author of the idea, 50-year-old businessman Victor Savenkov, who is director general of the PC "Crown" and the chairman of the Union of Entrepreneurs "Business Borovichi." According to him, despite the risk of losing part of the profits, he supported the idea of ​​15 businessmen, who own about a third of all the shops in town. Note that a little less than 50% of the total represented on the shelves in the average range of commercial network of imported products, including soda.
"While Coca-Cola and best-selling soft drink, but I'll never sell it. Money is not the important thing, "- says the businessman. According to Savenkov, his decision were positive about the townspeople. "I was approached by a girl and asked to shake hands for this act," - he said.
According to a businessman in Russia is the manufacturers who produce high quality products, and thus their formulation available to consumers. Leaving the shelves only Russian soda, entrepreneurs not only want to support domestic producers, but also seek to protect consumers from not always high-quality imported products. In addition, so they want to express their disagreement with the statements of the US and EU countries.
According to Anatoly Bondarenko, who owns one of the retailers in the Novgorod region, it is unlikely that all the polls refuse to sell goods overseas, so in some stores, on the contrary, they increased in connection with the situation. However, Bondarenko convinced to do so only small businessmen. Large traders understand that money - that's not all.



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