Interesting facts about Antarctica

Antarctica - the seventh and the most lifeless continent on the planet. For many years, scientists are trying to find out what is hidden under the ice of the cold giant, exploring the flora and fauna and are trying to unravel the mysteries of the local. Under the cut for you some interesting facts about Antarctica
Antarctica is the coldest, windy, high and driest continent on the planet.

Antarctica - the desert, despite the fact that it holds 70 percent of the world's fresh water. The average on the continent falls no more than six centimeters of rain per year. Most of them are in the eastern part of the continent. These figures are comparable to those of the Sahara desert.

In winter, the area of ​​sea ice around Antarctica grows at a rate of more than 64 thousand square kilometers a day.

Only 2 percent of the continent can be seen from under the ice.

The ice of Antarctica are so heavy that deforms the South Pole. In fact, its weight makes the Earth a few pear shape.


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