Fingerprint scanner in Samsung Galaxy S5 is also vulnerable

All gadzhetomany remember history of burglary biometric security iPhone 5S, the successful implementation of the German team which held biometric hackers Chaos Computer Club (CCC).

Less than a week ago, Samsung has released an updated version of its flagship, the new product called Samsung Galaxy S5 and also has a biometric fingerprint scanner. Moreover, unlike the devices Apple, S5 supports the use of the sensor in the application. So, the first authorized mobile wallet application was PayPal , in which using fingerprint authentication can confirm the commission payments and transfers.

Skeptical group CCC repeatedly stated , that all existing at the moment (2007) fingerprint scanning technology vulnerable and can easily be fooled by using ingenuity and household tools.

Fingerprint in SGS5 - is no exception. Team SRLabs , as previously focus on problems fingerprint authentication < / a>, this one did not have to invent entirely new technique - Ready PVC molds, remaining after experimenting with the scanner 5S, excellent work and on the scanner SGS5 ( see. video i>).

Due to the fact that the Samsung device does not provide an explicit request the password after N failed attempts to scan the finger, the attacker has all the chances and unlimited time to experiment with molds and your wallet. The company's plans for the implementation of this type of authorization to different payment applications can make the sensor of this hole in your pocket.



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