Hexapod B.U.N.T

Watching the video on youtube about hexapods (especially impressed PhantomX), decided to try his hand at robotics. Looking ahead - all happened and here's the result:

All interested in asking a cat, there briefly describes the history of creation and the difficulties encountered, as well as video of the hexapod. Nor any graphs, diagrams and code, only the lyrics.

With arduino was already familiar, but with servprivodami worked. Long read, understood assortment serv, eventually decided to take the tiny HXT900 , although in this post and says that on the feeble Servakh hexapod barely stand on his feet, but I decided to take a chance. Just ordered the Arduino Mega, battery Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack stabilizer and TURNIGY 8-15A UBEC . After receiving all necessary, removed all sizes caliper and started drawing the design first, and then the drawing itself and hexapod. For archetype took PhantomX, liked how his serfs located. For lack of aluminum and inability to cut Plexiglas on the machine, it was decided to make all parts of trёhmillimetrovoy MDF, what pity, but more on that later. Actually because of the housing material and it occurred to call hexapod B.U.N.T. - Pinocchio is not the same. To reduce the size, "ears" have been ruthlessly cut down serv, as seen in the pictures below.
Pictures of the build process connects two servos in a single unit.

We cut body parts


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