Reductions on the Internet that irritate

At each corner is now scream about the greatness of the Russian nation, of fraternal peoples, etc. etc. I fully support all of these ideas, but we have forgotten one thing. Just to quote two statements by Russian writers:

The true love of country is unthinkable without love for his language. - K. Paustovsky

Take care of the purity of the language, as a relic! Never use foreign words. Russian language is so rich and flexible, we have nothing to take from those who are poorer than us. - Turgenev

You can call me naminusit and grammar-nazi, but I believe that destroying the language, you can destroy any nation.

"Albany" language

As expected, the greatest audiorazdrazhenie modernity is a so-called "Albany" language, widely spread on the Internet, in particular, at the major sites of social services.
Today, cutting ears, "hello", "Kiso cookie", "pachom holva", "drink yadu", "great Satan in hell", "pasony", "LOL" and so on - is the norm rather than the deviation.
It is said that "Albany" has come to grips with linguists, in order to understand the impact mangled words may have on the development of civilization.

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Teach materiel

Another undisputed leader of the rating the most annoying expressions and words after all the perversions "Albany" language is the phrase "Teach materiel!", The meaning of which boils down to the direction of the other party to the need for a closer acquaintance with the details of the matter under discussion.
By the way, a very common expression "Teach materiel," contrary to popular belief, is not related to mathematical analysis, and due to the material part of (technical device) equipped army. IMHO

Slightly less irritation than in the case of materiel, modern citizens are experiencing the abbreviation "IMHO", which, as well as different expressions of "Albany", spread on the Internet.
For those who still do not know: IMHO - an abbreviation of the English phrase «in my humble / honest opinion» (eng. "In my humble opinion"). Distributed as an option in Latin - IMHO.

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Words with diminutive suffixes

From this point ranking is hard to disagree. How did sometimes protivnenko listen to offers, more like a fairy tale for children of preschool age ?!
As it turned out, the greatest irritation in this context is a combination of "light / beautiful / solar man", as well as various nouns with diminutive suffixes, such as "greeting", "fad", "bell", "beacon", "patsanchik" "money" (Option "denyuzhku"), "hog", "kukusik", "cookie", "hlebushek", "vodka" and so on.
In the online environment, often irritated by the words "uyutnenky", "blozhik", "diary", "zhezheshechka" and "shaped as letters».
But some citizens especially nervous for some reason, the perceived innocuous word "little man", "pivasik", "shampusik" and "godovasik»

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Abbreviated "ATP", "pzhlst", "nzcht»

The most popular cuts in office chats and instant messengers "ATP" (thank you), "pzhlst" (please) and "nzcht" (not at all) - in the ranking of the most irritating words and expressions of our time.
Much more unpleasant sounds un-Russian "gud", or at worst, cuts like "on me" (me), "cha" (you), "Nama" (normal), "lan" (Come), "bush" ('ll ) and t. d.

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Words tracings

"OK," "Good," "oops", "ice", "Nice", "Hellow", "mei bi", "senks", "w", "Go," "Friend," "kament", " juzat "," pic "and similar words, tracing paper mainly from the English clog the air according to more than half of the respondents. According to others - only facilitate understanding. Jargon

Without them, of course, nowhere. Slang word that came from different social groups and strata, well positioned in the active vocabulary of even the most ardent opponents of jargon.
However, unfortunately, the "muzlo" "babosy" "lave", "credit", "Kote", "to throw", "shkolota" "krasava", "kawaii", "in lyubasu" "whitefish" ( option: "sizhki") and similar words, expressions and phrases from this annoying not less Everything



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