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Books about the fashion-industry, especially the trendy galleries - are small works of art that can be seen for hours. So if you are looking for something to read, watch, or are in search of a gift for the person associated with fashion, like the chic galleries of famous brands - what you need.


One of the most complete and elegant editions of the famous brand Dior devoted decades from 1952 to 1962. On the pages of beautifully designed retrospective album - known top model and actress in clothes from the brand, the collection, as well as behind the scenes life of the studio. All of this - through the lens of the camera well-known fashion photographer Mark Shaw.

The book perfectly captures the spirit and atmosphere of a prosperous era of stellar brands. Reality HR gives the character of reportage shooting. Most of the photographs taken from personal archive of the designer and presented to the public for the first time. It is worth seeing!


And though the fashion house, there are only about eight years, it seems that his romantic, lacy, airy dresses were always with us.

How does the workshop young but extremely successful brand and how lace, draping, flowers, silk folded into elegant and chic outfits tell this magic, richly illustrated album.


This is - bright, colorful and exciting printed photo chronicle 60-year history of the beloved brand Chloé. Frame by frame with photo shoots, lukbukov and photos from behind the scenes is easy to read the evolution of the fashion house, feel the spirit of the time.

Over the years, we worked for the benefit of the brand Karl Lagerfeld, Martin Sitbon, Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo. The results of their work, their fashion search and experiments were the focus of the fashion album. Illustrative of their rich creative work became famous fashion photographer Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin and Patrick Demarchelier.

4. Valentino: Objects of Couture

Great book was created a whole host of well-known people in the fashion industry. Dedicated accessories album by the eminent fashion house Valentino. Shoes, scarves, bags, glasses - all these symbolic attributes of the brand look at works of art photographer David Bailey, Nobuyoshi Araki, Douglas Gordon and other fashion photographers.

Art objects of beloved brands can be viewed forever. In addition, to be considered, and the album is interesting to read. After all, the editor of the book was the famous curator Francesco Bonami.

5. Valentin Yudashkin

Famous Russian designer of haute couture Syndicate its 50th anniversary celebrated in an unusual way, and treat yourself to the world a book-album about their brand. On the pages - rare footage, the first show in Paris in 1991, the process of creating outfits, the designer at work, sketches of collections and more ...

6. Elie Saab

This publication is particularly valuable because the Lebanese fashion house for the first time in 30 years of operation, has released a book about your brand. Autobiography of the brand has turned out impressive. For the visual design we should thank the photographer Laziz Hamani, and worked on the texts of French journalist Jani Same.

Every single chapter of the book tells the story of some stage in the life of the brand: from small workshops in Beirut before the couture shows in Paris and the world-famous lace dresses and air.


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