Record holder Plastic Surgeons (10 photos)

Certainly the record for the change of appearance is a socialite Jocelyn Vildenshtayn. "Lioness" should be understood in the literal sense of the word, because it radically changed its face in the "cat manners" ... Since then, it took more than a decade, but continues to make Jocelyn
adjustments to its appearance ... In this case, it is about anything, and does not regret the question "Is it worth doing?" invariably replied that "cost».

Janice Dickinson (Janice Dickinson) - a supermodel and photographer with 32 years of experience. It was the first model whose fees equate to stellar
 - Before her scantily Americans pay for this hard work ... At the end of the model Janice career he opened his own model agency ... But the main thing what it is famous for, it's their love of Botox and collagen injections. Janice happy to talk about that resort to cosmetic procedures and "just loves collagen." "And let me be a corpse, but a good-looking corpse»

Singer Tom Jones popular in the 60s admitted to maintain a good shape with the help of plastic ... But recently, surgeons have even warned him not to do it.

Repersha Lil Kim winning the war with age with the help of plastic surgery ... Introduced in the late 90s for the past 10 years, she is much younger ...
At the same time, only what she confessed, because it is a change in the nose and breast augmentation photos ... But it is clear that underwent correction and everything else.

Pamela Anderson - one of the few who are not afraid to advertise their trips to the plastic surgeon ... But fans of the stars have lost count,
How many times Pamela increases and decreases its legendary chest.

Michael Jackson has changed beyond recognition - skin whitening, rhinoplasty, surgically created "masculine" chin - it is only
a short list of corrections ... But Jackson does not provide comments on this issue ... Only once in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993, he said that the discoloration of his skin - the result of a rare skin disease called "vitiligo».

Pornodiva "retired" Jenna Jameson last year decided to return to its original appearance and reduced the size of their breasts from 4 to 3. After
operation Jenna took off her bra and looked at myself in the mirror and felt by her own admission, "in 17 years".

Few people know that the rocker Courtney Love has also been under the knife ... And though she swore and bozhilas that this contradicts her eyes and in her former life was no place for plastic surgery, it is still "let slip" in the pages of Myspace, which is to visit his Parisian plastic surgeon again.

TV presenter Joan Rivers in his '64 looks quite fresh ... .delo only that she never knew she smiles or not ... A large number of
plastic surgery has deprived her wrinkles, but with wrinkles and mobility, so that the face was like a taut mask.

"American Idol" Simon Cowell admitted the April magazine Glamour, which helps him all these years remain the same - is that he gradually "spoiled" ... Botox. "To me, Botox is also common, like toothpaste," - says Simon.


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