13 stars who love to experiment with looks

Fifty one million thirty seven thousand three hundred ninety four

The stars are constantly striving to surprise favorite of fans and support to his tireless interest. Some celebrities love to experiment with a hairstyle and hair color, and someone does not like to resort to services of plastic surgeons in the pursuit of beauty and youth.

Site selected for you 13 celebrities whose changes in appearance and style simply impossible not to notice. Well, for the better these changes or not — you decide.

Pamela Anderson 1996, 2010, 2016

Eighty seven million nine hundred three thousand eight hundred fifty eight

It is no secret that Pamela has repeatedly appealed for help to plastic surgeons. However, in recent years the actress has become more moderate in their preferences — now its image is marked by restraint and elegance.

Rihanna 2010, 2012, 2016

Twenty nine million eight hundred sixty seven thousand eight hundred sixty three

Rihanna is rightly considered a champion of the change of image. For many years of creative life, the star has tried this number of haircuts, styles and methods of hair coloring that no one will ever be able to guess how the R'n'b diva will look tomorrow.

Victoria Beckham 2003, 2008, 2016

Thirty six million nine hundred fifty three thousand two hundred forty three

The former spice girl has always distinguished impeccable taste in choosing clothes and hairstyles. Who among us has not dreamed to do the same elongated Bob like Victoria Beckham?

Katy Perry 2009, 2013, 2016

Fifty million nine hundred thirty two thousand three hundred ninety four

Rebel Katy Perry loves to experiment not only in music but also in appearance. Sometimes the star several times a year, change the color and length of hair.

Jared Leto 2008, 2012, 2015

One million one hundred twenty five thousand seven hundred seventy five

Jared Leto pleases his fans not only with new songs and roles in successful films, but also a constant change of image. Actor and musician literally every year chooses a new haircut and style is worthy of praise.

Megan Fox 2000, 2003, 2015

Forty three million two hundred eighty three thousand seven hundred eighty two

A good plastic surgery has allowed Megan to become a real superstar. Although it seems to us that in his youth, the actress was also a beauty.

Aishwarya Rai 1994, 2000, 2016

Fifty three million three hundred twenty eight thousand twenty four

Indian actress Aishwarya Rai is always distinguished by the delicate and refined features. But even winning the competition "Miss world" in 1994, the star does not rest on its laurels and is constantly striving to improve the already perfect look.

Blake Lively 2004, 2010, 2016

Ninety four million two hundred eighteen thousand one hundred twenty two

Rhinoplasty done from comely Blake lively's real beauty. Perhaps this is the rare case where plastic has benefited.

Miley Cyrus 2010, 2012, 2015

Ninety five million five hundred eighty nine thousand five hundred six

Miley Cyrus definitely can't be accused of lack of courage. Several years ago, she made a gorgeous short swift and I was right!

Kylie Jenner 2008, 2010, 2016

Sixty eight million two hundred four thousand four hundred seventeen

Younger sister Kim Kardashian Kylie at such a young age (she is only 19 years old) has repeatedly appealed to plastic surgeons. Star at least upped lips and Breasts, did rhinoplasty and change the shape of the face.

Lady Gaga 2010, 2013, 2015

Sixty one million two hundred twenty five thousand three hundred ninety nine

Perhaps, Lady Gaga without exaggeration the most colorful and flamboyant Hollywood star. What are the only images of the singer nor tried on, but always stayed true to yourself.

David Beckham 2000, 2003, 2015

Fifty three million six hundred fifty two thousand nine hundred sixty two

Handsome David Beckham never ceases to experiment with his style. He was shaved bald, wore cornrows and permed strands. Now he stopped at the classic image of the English dandy.

Kim Kardashian 2010, 2015, 2016

Ninety two million one hundred eighty thousand one hundred seventy two

Over the past 15 years, the appearance Kim Kardashian has undergone significant changes. TV star not just by lips, Breasts and hips. The more transactions, the higher the popularity of Kim.

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