Pinhole camera

The technique of "camera obscura" Abelardo Morella led him from photographing your own living room to the interiors worldwide. "What I like about the creation of this photo gallery, so that's what I see strange and at the same time a natural combination of internal and external," - he says. To take a picture of this kind, it covers all the windows or plastic bags that it was dark. He then does a small holes in them. Then, an inverted image of the form on the outside is projected on the wall in the room. It focuses the widescreen machine in the picture on the wall. Recently, Morell has created light-tight tent that using a periscope optics to project a view of a landscape on any surface under the tent. In this darkened space it uses Pavilion camera to capture the effect. "I think it's awesome," sandwich "of two realities, overlapping, - says the photographer. - This camera-tent now allows me to use a camera obscura in new places in the world. That is to say, now I have my own portable studio. "

The Brooklyn Bridge. Picture taken through a tent on the roof of the building. (© Abelardo Morell)

Times Square, New York. (© Abelardo Morell)

The Brooklyn Bridge. (© Abelardo Morell)

The center of Manhattan, facing east. Picture taken with the camera to help tent. (© Abelardo Morell)


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