How did the greatest picture in the world

Activists Project Legacy Project in July 2006 received the greatest picture in the world, the size of which make up almost 33 x 8, 5 meters. In the process of shooting a few photographers and about 60 volunteers used an old technique called camera obscura (translated from Latin means "dark room"). The experiment was conducted in an abandoned hangar at the former base Marines El Toro in Irvine (California, USA). In one of the walls of the hangar was to make a hole on the opposite side - placed a huge canvas photosensitive material in a third of the length of a football field and a height of nearly three floors. Passing through the hole, the light rays fall on the screen. Pinhole camera does not provide a high sharpness, and exposure at enthusiasts took over half an hour. However, participants of the project, the result is worth the effort and money. At the largest to date imprinted landscape photos before hangar - a few dispatcher towers, palm trees and a portable toilet.

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