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Best photos from National Geographic for October

A female African elephant at the zoo turned trunk Colorado. (Joel Sartore)

Roksellanovy snub-nosed monkey in Ocean Park in Hong Kong. (Joel Sartore)

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo lives in Paradise for parrots in the Glas House Mountains, Queensland, Australia. (Joel Sartore)

The four rhino Asha ("hope" in Hindi) will not depart from his mother until he was two years old. In zoos and in the wild population of this species of rhinos are slowly but surely growing. (Joel Sartore)

Monkey-diana in Omaha zoo. (Joel Sartore)

Another photo of the project "Photo-Ark." Two three-month small panda in Lincoln Children's Zoo. (Joel Sartore)

Military guide leads a group excursion to the mysterious Mount Baekdu. This is where Kim Il Sung fought for independence against the Japanese invaders in the 1930s. (David Guttenfelder)

Leakage of fertilizers has caused the growth of toxic algae. These covered a third of Lake Erie in 2011. (Peter Essick)

Abelardo Morell, recently retired professor of photography at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, has created this image of Golden Gate Bridge by the technique of the camera obscura and the land as a canvas. (Abelardo Morell)

Sunset - a lively period for Pride Vumbi. As the moon rises lioness rise and depart for the evening hunt. (Michael Nichols)

The storm stopped the process of hay - Nebraska farmers thoughtfully looking into the sky. (Jim Richardson)

Solid turns into a liquid - an iceberg falls into the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. (James Balog)

Alligator National Nature Reserve Okefenoki, Georgia. (Melissa Farlow)

The pyramid height of 27 meters and the platform adorned head feathered serpent - silent witnesses of those times, when Chichen Itza Maya ruled. Now it is a popular tourist attraction. This once-powerful city was built around the IX century, modern archaeologists believe it one of the religious "power spots" associated with the culture of the Maya. (Paul Nicklen)

Mike Liebeck tightens itself on a granite tower in a remote area of ​​Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. (Cory Richards)

For male lions in the Serengeti such as Hildur and C-Boy, teamwork is very important. In this photo Hildur shakes off the rain with a mane. He and C-bout are working together to maintain control over the two prides: Vumbi of five adult lionesses, Simba and East - also five predatory cats. (Michael Nichols)

Practically flat, but with a keen belly nozhebryushki float ideal "build", trying to hide among the branches of sea whip. Picture taken in Kimbe Bay. (David Doubilet)

The tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan's environment is one of the "four pillars of the National Happiness", as well as a reasonable development, cultural preservation and proper governance. High congestion charge allows you to keep such a beautiful place like the eastern forest, through which in this photo Kunzang Choden goes with his 9-year-old child - free from the tourist crowds. (Lynsey Addario)

Children gathered for the annual mass games in Pyongyang, North Korea. A couple of the pixels that make up this lucky patriot in the mold. (David Guttenfelder)

Calm water and setting sun creates a wonderful backdrop for these pine forest on the island of Sulla - one of the many carved by glaciers and the sea and practically uninhabited places in Norway. (Orsolya Haarberg)

Bask in the Kirghiz shepherd's cave during the annual journey from the mountain villages in the remote region of Afghanistan to the nearest shopping villages in Pakistan. It takes five days. They are going to change the cattle, wool and dairy products to all kinds of products - from tea to televisions. (Matthieu Paley)

Cassowary looks out of the foliage in the north-eastern Queensland, Australia. Females of this species can weigh up to 72 kg. Scientists do not know why she had this "hat" on the head, but maybe it is necessary for mating. (Christian Ziegler)

Against the backdrop of the earth underfoot photographer Abelardo Morell uses the technique of the camera obscura - focuses light through a small hole on the dark surface - to find a new angle of view of US national parks. (Abelardo Morell)

Natural garland on the roof of City Hall Chicago soften the sharp corners of the city, famous for its steel and stone structures, as well as "cool" summer heat on the roof. (Diane Cook and Len Jenshel)

Australian Aborigines make up less than 3% of the population, and their traditional way of life is gradually disappearing. Nearly. In some parts of the continent, the ancient traditions live on. In this photo depicted Aboriginal dances that lasted for hours on-site burial in Inangarndua, Northern Territory. (Amy Toensing)

Doomed to melt 360-pound block of ice in the moonlight on a wind Icelandic beach. Iceberg washed up on the shore of the lagoon formed by the glacier descended. Photographer James Balog calls such pieces of ice diamonds, finding in them the beauty and the tragedy of extinction. (James Balog)

Pomatsentovye swim near the fish-clown trio in Kimbe Bay, Papua - New Guinea. (David Doubilet)

Western Fjords of Norway as Nereus Fjord, north-east of Bergen and UNESCO world heritage site - similar to the fingers of the sea, plunges into the ground. But this source of fresh water, merging with the surrounding peaks and ridges. (Erlend Haarberg)

Leopard on the ancient baobab in the Okavango Delta in Botswana - Season oasis for wildlife both above and below the water surface. (Beverly Joubert)



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